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What Are Your Predictions for the Next Main Series MH (MH6)?

MonsterHunterWorld5 - What Are Your Predictions for the Next Main Series MH (MH6)?

Mine are, in no particular order:

  • Console-PC crossplay capability: Other games older than this have managed to make this work, and unlike the likes of competitive PvP MMOs (such as War Thunder which I also play and that has full crossplay ability, from 2012), MH has no PvP to cause any "PC master race" issues. Plus, modern consoles support USB keyboards & mice, while PC supports controllers.

  • Underwater Combat, fully revamped: It was a noticeable plot point that "Zorah Magdaros died out at sea, creating a new underwater biome." Much of the leviathan class, which was under development in base world and broke during development with no time or manpower to fix it before the planned release date, exists partly or fully in water. Some life from underwater can be emulated on land, like seen with the Coral Highlands, Beotodus, Mudsioth, Lavasioth, and some other examples. Some however, cannot.

  • More Variation in Bowgun Upgrades, and potential customization aspects on other weapons: The current bowgun upgrade system accounts for many of the features not seen about bowgun customization since MH3 with its three-piece bowguns. However, some of those are missing. Specifically, bowgun range extension/compression pieces to do specific features, such as making Normal lvl3 ricochet much more frequently or making Pierce do more hits in a shorter distance. Also the huge variety in ammo types in GenU which were internal-only are missing.

  • Regarding other weapon customization, why aren't we able to mix & match our own pairs of dual blades?

  • Or for Swax, why not remove Power Phial entirely, give all Swaxes a Sword MV buff to compensate, & make the phials customizeable in the same way Kinsects are?

  • Lance & GL being able to put their shield on their back but keep the business end out, to significantly increase mobility and evasion distance at the cost of blocking.

  • Perhaps Sword & Shield could have shield hits to the target be better-integrated into the moveset and the blade+shield made customizeable like was proposed for dual blades above

  • Other possibilities also exist that I can't even fathom.

  • Entirely New Weapon Types, Especially New Ranged Ones: We've got 11 melee weapons and 3 ranged, surely some new ranged ones could be thought up, or some melee-ranged hybrid weapons could be experimented with. Allowing GL to fire some bowgun ammo at low velocity with steep bullet drop. A throwing spear weapon type to play like a ranged GS that can use Bow coatings. A whip-type weapon or boomerang weapon perhaps. Meanwhile the only pure melee weapon we don't have some analogy for is Frontier's Tonfa, Frontier's Magnet Spike, and a gauntlet-type weapon.

  • Fully dispensing with the "area & connecting pathway" map layout: World's map layout is a holdover from the conversion to separately-loaded areas to an open world layout. Time to complete the change, since we already have the scoutflies to help track things on large & convoluted maps.

  • Fully overhauled old world maps: kinda a no-brainer, also allows for even greater monster variety to eclipse GenU's 93-strong roster.

  • Perhaps experimenting with a fully open world, where environments seamlessly transition from one to the other: Zelda made this change a few years ago, and with much less powerful hardware. I fully believe that next-gen hardware would allow an unbroken open world with MHW's level of detail. "Borderlands" regions between specific hunting grounds would be melting pots for creatures endemic to both regions, have a few unique things of their own, and be enriched in nomadic creatures such as Brachydios, (Stygian) Zinogre, (Furious) Rajang, (Savage) Deviljho, (Seething) Bazelgeuse, Seregios, and others. This may make the 50min quest time limit obselete, if one has to pursue a monster between regions. If people are impatient the "fast travel when not in combat" would be for them. Others would be able to explore at their leisure. **This would also allow for the reintroduction of all previous villages & cities as actual proper-size villages & cities.

  • A better story with actual named characters and not just "The ____": The gameplay of MH is and has always been its main selling point, but I'd love to see better story development along the lines of what 4U pulled off. Personally, 4U's story had more of a sense of urgency than World's, despite World's trying harder.

  • Bring back Prowler, but make it not pathetically dead-last damage-wise like it was in GenU: Palicoes were fun as hell to play with.

  • Dispensing with "generic area battle music"/"generic monster class music" & giving each monster its own theme: another holdover from when console/handheld processing/memory power limited things. Former generic area themes (world revamped versions of course) would be assigned to the most appropriate monsters – Rathalos, Barroth, Agnaktor, Barioth, Rathian, etc & so forth. When Khezu comes back, give him his own theme too.

  • Last but not least, reviving much of the world-building elements not seen since PS2 MH2: Some of these would undoubtedly be annoying to the player's perspective, but not as hopelessly frustrating as lottery padding elements (classic talismans, relics, world decorations). Adding seasons (complete with visual changes to the regions where applicable) and having monster behavior be altered accordingly would help fill out the world. Adding lots of little side things for hunters to do besides just hunt monsters would help show they are actually human and not just monster-slaying machines. Perhaps some or a lot of this could start incorporating series lore into the games.

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