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What do YOU think makes Monster Hunter “Monster Hunter”

MonsterHunterWorld2 - What do YOU think makes Monster Hunter "Monster Hunter"

So, I'm a fucking huge Monster Hunter fan. It's the game series I've always dreamed of, and the game I've wanted to make since I was a child. When I first played 3U for the first time, I said to myself "Where has this game been all my life?!" To this day, my big dream game is a game similar to Monster Hunter. I'm already a huge fan of the series, and I feel that there are no games in the same genre that compare to it. God Eater is janky as fuck and lacks weight to any attacks, Toukiden is too button-mashy, and while the SoulsBorne games follow a similar combat philosophy to Monster Hunter, they approach slow-moving, hard-hitting, dodge-heavy combat in different ways, and the rest of the game is not even comparable to MonHun. Basically put, there really is no game like Monster Hunter.

Since I want to make my own Monster Hunter-style game, I need to know what exactly makes Monster Hunter into what it is. To me, the progression of the player, importance of fighting different types of monsters, and the difficulty are all a part of that Monster Hunter-factor.

While you sometimes need to grind to get that one rare monster part, You never level up in Monster Hunter. This is important because the game is about YOU getting more skilled as a player, not about grinding for levels. (PS: That's kinda why I like the older MonHun games better, because you don't have to grind for a +8 Handicraft Talisman to make your ridiculously OP sets with Sharpness +1, Attack up L, Razor Sharp, Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye +3, and Challenger +2 just to feel competent at the game.)


One of the big things that makes Monster Hunter what it is is the Monsters themselves. They are so varied, and while a lot of them are based on existing creatures or animals, they all are designed so unique, and they all have a gimmick to them.

It also wouldn't be Monster Hunter without the combat style. Like SoulsBorne, Monster Hunter moves slow and hits hard. There are weapons with faster attack speeds, like Dual Swords and Sword & Shield, but that doesn't mean you can button-mash your way through the games. Despite becoming more beginner-friendly as the series goes on, it still is too hard for most people, which is one reason I feel it took so long to catch on outside Japan. You need to know Monsters' attacks and all their tells, you need to know when to cancel you attack animations with a roll, You need to know about the hitzones and weaknesses of monsters to be able to beat quests in sufficient times and with minimal carts. Granted, you don't NEED to be an expert at Monster Hunter to have fun with it, but I feel Monster Hunter is even more fun when you know the games like the back of your hand. Despite being slow-moving and hard-hitting, Monster Hunter is easy to learn, but difficult to master. There are weapons for every play style. Dual Swords and Switch Axe are there if you want to button-mash, Lance and Gunlance are there if you like guarding, and the Bowguns are there for super-technical players.

What do you think makes Monster Hunter what it is? Please tell me.

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