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What do you think Monster Hunter will bring in 2019?

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A bit of an extrapolation of E3 discussion…. but while I'm certain all E3 will do is confirm the leaks we already know of(and announce more timed or seasonal events)…

I've been wondering. What do you think is coming in 2019? Because I looked at the history of releases for titles in the franchise, there's always been a new release every single years since the series was birthed in 2004.

Just look at the timing of releases in Japan:

2004-MonHun, PS2 2005-MonHun Portable, PSP 2005-MonHun G, PS2

2006-MonHun Dos, PS2 2007-MonHun Portable 2, PSP 2008-MonHun Portable 2G, PSP

2009-MonHun Tri, Wii 2010-MonHun Portable 3rd, PSP 2011-MonHun TriG/Ultimate, 3DS 2012-MonHun TriG/Ultimate, WiiU

(it's almost as if they went out of their way before releasing the WiiU port of Tri Ultimate as it to make sure "something" was there to be released in 2012)


2013-Monhun 4, 3DS 2014-MonHun 4G/Ultimate, 3DS 2015-MonHun X/Generations, 3DS 2016-Monster Hunter Stories(the only year without a core or even handheld classic game) 2017-MonHun XX/Generations Ultimate, 3DS/Switch

2018-Monster Hunter World. 2019-???

And that's what I wonder about. If anything, history of the franchise would imply there will be "something" ready to release in 2019.

What do you folks think it'll be?

Will if be Monster Hunter WorldG/Ultimate?

Or will we see(like in gen 1-3) something like "Monster Hunter World Portable/Portable 5th" before we see anything close to a G/Ultimate edition?

Or do you think it could be something like 2012 seeing only a port of the existing TriUltimate to another console, thus 2019 being a port of World for Switch?

Or something like 2016 seeing only a spin-off like Monster Hunter Stories?

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