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What Does Guard Up Block?

MonsterHunterWorld8 - What Does Guard Up Block?

So, I want to make a definitive list of what Guard Up blocks. I know quite a few off hand, but wanted to bring it up here so we can make a solid list. Whenever you search up "What does guard up block?" on any search engine, all you get is "EVERYTHING", which is not a helpful answer. Some monsters don't require Guard Up at all, while others utilize Guard Up, but it's not really necessary. So I want something that can come up in searches that people will be able to truly reference.

What Does Guard Up Block?
– Anjanath's Pin Attack
– Radobaan's Sleep Blast
– Kirin's Horizontal Lightning Beams
– Deviljho's Pin Attack
– Uragaan's Fire and Sleep Blasts
– Teostra's Supernova
– Kushala Daora's Strong Wind Blast
– Vaal Hazak's Miasma Beam and Downward Misma Blast
– Kulve Taroth's Lava Pool
– Xeno'jiiva's Energy Beam and Floor Explosions
– Behemoth's Body Slam, Lightning, and Fire Eruptions from the ground

So What Monsters Should You Bring Guard Up To?

Radobaan and Uragaan

Their Sleep and Fire (Uragaan only) blasts can easily stop you from continuing your onslaught. A quick shield will let you continue the fight without having to back away for the duration.


Xeno'jiiva's beams are wide-sweeping and some of them don't have long winded tells. They can easily drop your health, so it's important to be able to block them. The Floor Explosions cover a wide area as well.


While his supernova is avoidable, I think it's important to be able to survive it if you can't flash or run away.

Kulve Taroth

Her Lava pool can literally come out of nowhere and covers a great deal of the map's area. Slightly walking as you block her pool allows you to regain stamina and close the gap she has created.


While Ecliptic Meteor can't be blocked, his body slam, fire eruptions, and thunderbolt attacks can be with Guard Up. Shielded weapons are good at tanking his enmity, thus Guard Up will be pretty pivotal to the fight.

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So What Monsters Don't Really Require Guard Up, Even If It Applies?


Anjanath's pin isn't really that important of a move to dedicate either 3 pieces of armor or a level 2 decoration slot to. Unless you're first starting out (in which case you probably won't have access to either Guard Up options anyway), he won't be doing much damage with it and you can get out with a dung pod.


Despite Kirin's horizontal lightning blasts dealing a LOT of damage, they have a long wind up making it easy to get out of their blast radius. Guard Up really isn't necessary for this fight.


Much like Anjanath, Deviljho's pin attack can be dodged. It might be a good idea to run Guard Up for Tempered variants, but otherwise it's not incredibly necessary. Do note that Guard Up is not needed to block his breath attack.

Kushala Daora

While his massive wind blast can deal a lot of damage, Kushala Daora winds it up for a decent amount of time making it fairly avoidable. Guard Up is only necessary if you WANT to tank the wind blast.

Vaal Hazak

Vaal Hazak's beam requires Guard Up, but the wind up is long and obvious. In addition, the beam only covers a cone in the front of him, meaning you're 100% safe behind the beam. Also, his Downward Miasma Blast is relatively obvious with a long wind up. The area of effect is pretty large, however, so it's something to consider.


I hope that helped. Overall, Guard Up is not really that amazing of a skill. Most of what it's good for (barring Kulve Taroth and Behemoth) can be avoided through other means. Let me know if I've missed any monster. If this thread does become popular, I'll try to remember to either update it when Iceborne comes out, or make a new one!

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