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What if MH monsters have Pokemon types: Gen 3.

MonsterHunterWorld9 - What if MH monsters have Pokemon types: Gen 3.

A continuation from my previous post.

Arzuros – NORMAL – Its a bear.

Lagombi – NORMAL/ICE – Snow bunny.

Volvidon – NORMAL – Considered making it part Rock, but nah.

Royal Ludroth – WATER/NORMAL – Part Normal so that its sub can be…

Purple Ludroth – WATER/POISON – Tadaa.

Lagiacrus (and subs) – WATER/ELECTRIC – Self-explanatory.

Agnaktor – FIRE/ROCK – Lava armor.

Glacial Agnaktor – ICE – Self-explanatory.

Gobul – WATER/POISON – Poison as in paralytic poison.

Nibelsnarf – GROUND – As with Cephalodrome, not a mud monster so no Water type.

Great Jaggi – NORMAL – Not Dark to differentiate from G.Baggi.

Great Baggi – NORMAL/DARK – Kills other monsters in their sleep. Also, not technically an ice monster.

Great Wroggi – POISON – Seld-explanatory.

Qurupeco (and sub) – FAIRY/FLYING – Utilize songs. Dont think the flint sparks is enough to merit a Fire or Electric type.

Barioth – ICE – Thought of making it part Flying for the blizzard breath attack but in the end that is the extent of it (its not much of a flier), plus Blizzard and Icy Wind are Ice type moves. Its sub however…

Sand Barioth – GROUND/FLYING – Surfing on sandstorms and shit.

Brute Tigrex – FIGHTING – Practically identical to vanilla Tigger.

Green Nargacuga – DARK/POISON – Narga + poison.

Lucent Nargacuga – DARK/GHOST – Narga-where-did-it-go?


Gigginox – BUG/POISON – Same reasoning as Khezu.

Baleful Gigginox – BUG/ELECTRIC – Same as above.

Zinogre – FIGHTING (base state), ELECTRIC/FIGHTING (charged/enraged state) – Its a jacked ass wolf that does body slams and breakdance moves.

Stygian Zinogre – FIGHTING (base state), DRAGON/FIGHTING (charged/enraged state) – Same as the above.

Barroth – GROUND – Mud monster.

Jade Barroth – GROUND/ICE – Wet snow mud monster.

Uragaan – ROCK – Self-explanatory.

Steel Uragaan – ROCK/STEEL – Self-explanatory.

Duramboros (and sub) – NORMAL/ROCK – The tail hammer/axe is pretty Rock-ish to me.

Brachydios – FIGHTING/ROCK – Feels odd making it a pure Fighting type, and the slime bombs doesnt really come off as Fire type to me, so I go for Rock since it is technically an ore monster.

Deviljho – DARK (base state), DARK/DRAGON (enraged state) – Self-explanatory.

Ceadeus (and sub) – WATER – Its a whale.

Jhen Mohran (and sub) – GROUND/ROCK – Sand whale crusted with ores.

Amatsu – FLYING/WATER – Storm god.

Alatreon – DRAGON/FIRE,ICE,ELECTRIC – Primary type is always Dragon, while its secondary type changes according to the attacks it is using (kinda like Keckleon's Color Change but only for those 3 types).

Dire Miralis – DRAGON/FIRE – Self-explanatory.

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