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What is Tempering? (Main game spoilers)

MonsterHunterWorld10 - What is Tempering? (Main game spoilers)

Tempered monsters. These lustrous aberrations make their home in the New World, bigger and more powerful than their counterparts without being classified as a subspecies. But why is that?

The definition of "tempered" is to refine something through work. Which frankly doesn't help much. So what do we know about these monsters? Well, they're usually bigger, stronger, some of them have slight visual changes like darker or more reflective scales. They're native to the New World, and are linked to "streamstones" and "spiritgems". Beyond that, what they are and what causes them is up to interpretation. But to a careful eye, the clues are the there.

Tempered monsters start making their appearence around the time you're sent to kill your first elder dragon (or second if you offed low rank kirin, but since it's an option quest it's canon timing is dubious). Elder dragons are "appearing" (summoned? Birthed? Created? We'll get into that next time) copiously and gathering in Elders Recess due to the massive fluctuations in the lifestream due to Xeno'jiiva's incubation. The lifestream is massively important as it seems to be the center of rebirth on the New World, taking in the "life energy" from dying monsters, be it the copious and overflowing energy of an elder dragon, to even the minimal energy of a Kulu-Ya-Ku. Everything gathers through the soil in it's apex, the Rotten Vale, and flows outward in the island's natural spiral, giving birth to plants, endemic life, and more monsters. The circle of life. Or concentric spiral more literally in this case.


Or that should have been the case. Until a little glowchild named Xeno was "born" however elder dragons are born, right in the middle of the stream, like a blood clot, slowly soaking up a small percentahe of the natural stream until he grew bigger and powerful enough to essentially influence the food to come to him.

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Until we came in and bonked the baby on the head. All is back to normal, right?


Not only are multiple species of Elder Dragon now misplaced among the New World, but imagine, all the energy Xeno'jiiva had built upbursting forth like a damn breaking. The river would overflow, so to speak, resulting in numerous changes to the ecosystem. Not only that, but now theres a new hoarse of hairless monkeys haphazardly slaughtering elder dragons and anything in between so they can make new Daora-scale booty shorts. The lifestream has never been so active.

But nature has a way to make sure it doesn't explode on itself. Enter Tempered Monsters. Thanks to Xeno'jiiva's addition to the lifestream, and the copious energy in circulation, more energy would be given to the earth, and then to the plants. These empowered plants are eaten by the herbivores. These empowered herbivores are then hunted by monsters. Thus stronger more energized monsters. This explains their luster and strength, being naturally healthier, while still being the base monster, thus not needing a subspecies.

tl;dr: Xeno'jiiva's death caused an upsurge in bioenergy. Tempered Monsters are just in exemplary health.

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