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What is your Monster Hunter origin story?

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Silly title, The question is, How did you get started with the Monster Hunter games?

I had a friend that told me that they where realy good and that I should play them, But he refused to say anything of what the game was about or what kind of game it was and when I looked it up, I just saw someone running arround killing Aptonoths, So I asked him if that was it and he just shrugged. And so I forgot about Monster Hunter untill years later when I browsed the PSP store and found Monster Hunter Freedom Unite wich brought back memories of my friend telling me about the series, So I downloaded the demo and…

I sucked.. I couldent kill a single big monster, Timed out on every hunt in the demo, But at the same time, I fell inlove with the game and bought it the very next day. I played and enjoyed it but was realy bad and dident get very far, Then I kind of fell out of playing and forgot about it again..


Then Tri came out and I considerd buying it but never had any money.. But when 3 Ultimate came on the 3DS I bought it and played for a while, Again when 4 Ultimate came I bought it and played for a while, I cassualy enjoyed the games, But was very bad and couldent get very far. Generations came and I played it a bit, Then I had a slump where I couldent bring myself to play games for a few years.. Untill a friend, After nagging me for months to hunt with him in Generations finaly got me to agree, And I fell in love with Monster Hunter all over again, And with my friend I pushed on, Hunting for so long, Getting further then I ever had in a Monster Hunter game, And then I started playing other games again, And now, Thanks to my friend, And Monster Hunter Generations I can once more call myself a gamer. I still play Generations, Pushing on in singleplayer and ocasionaly hunting with my friend while looking forwards to Generations Ultimate.


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