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What moment made you love this game?

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So, I will admit, up front and honestly that part of asking this questions is to give me a chance to share this story.

I bought Monster Hunter World on Thursday, since then I've posted in the quests thread nearly every day and logged 24 hours of play time. I have spent a ton of time farming weapons, trying them and watching youtube tutorials for the ones I liked, finally settling on the Insect Glaive (Bow was a close second). I've been deeply enjoying the game, but last night I fell absolutely in love with the game.


Last night I fought the Anjanath, I'd just gotten back from the gym and was all hopped up on protein and adrenaline. I loaded up my Pulsar Rod and Kodachi Set which I'd farmed up specifically for this fight, filled my inventory and mentally prepared myself for a fight I thought was going to be just another hunt. Instead I got wailed on to start, he hit me HARD and I realized if I was going to win this I needed to rely on my Evades. So I did, first thing I noticed was how amazing Evade Extender is for my Insect Glaive, flying through the air like a Windrunner. For the next 35 minutes I evaded, jumped, mounted, and damaged. Farmed my kinsect buffs like I learned from youtube, made sure to whetstone when I got chances and kept my health over 50%, because I knew if it dropped below he could just end me in a moment. Every second of that fight was intense, I had to stop all conversations with my girlfriend to focus. That intensity, and the feeling of accomplishment and the end was glorious, and I am absolutely looking forward to the next fight to give me that feeling.

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