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What quality of life changes would you like to see come to MHW?

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Personally, there are 3 major things that irk me in the game that has been talked about to death:

1) Scoutflies. There is no reason that the camera should be locked once scoutflies start going in a certain direction. The constant flip back and forth is one of the more tedious things in the game.

2) Being dropped in a random location. I understand this mechanic was carried over from previous MH titles, but in the past, they dropped you in places that were unreachable by walking from another location. Not to mention that in previous titles you couldn't just fast travel back. Now, this mechanic serves absolutely no purpose in the game and is instead a 10 second waste of time.

Not only does it seemingly serve no purpose, it also happens way too often. More often than not, there will be long sequences of 4-5 missions in a row being dropped off in random locations. Maybe I'm just noticing it because I'm dropping in and out of quests to find crowns, but it's tiresome.


3) Gathering hub. We've seen some improvements over the first few months of MHW but MHW is the most anti-social MH game (of any that featured MP). The hub is only useful if you don't plan on using your tree to grow anything, or care about the safari, or need to upgrade something, or, you know, do anything that isn't eating or posting a quest. I'd love to see them add a way to do all three of those major things from the hub, or do what they should've done in the first place and make all of Astera a hub.

TL;DR – My personal QoL changes I'd like to see made are scoutflies, random location drops and the gathering hub being reworked. What about yall?

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