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What TO post and what NOT TO post on this sub…

MonsterHunterWorld3 - What TO post and what NOT TO post on this sub...

With a recent influx of activity since the Alatreon finally made its way to the game, there has yet again been a spike in not reading the sub rules or the recruitment rules and people just blindly posting without a thought. So a quick rundown. . .

  • This is in-fact an LFG Only subreddit.

That means post unrelated to LFG will be removed. There are better subs for answering questions on meta, fight tactics, weapon discussions. We try to cater to a very simple thing here, hunters finding other hunters to hunt with. If a discussion is in a thread due to a comment somebody made, that's fine. It's when a user decides to dedicate a post specifically to a question or discussion topic that we tend to draw the line.

  • Media links will be banished to the shadow realm

Auto-mod does a pretty great job already at making sure these never see the light of day, but one and the same we're not for sharing your favorite highlights or garnering viewers for your Twitch stream. There are better places for that kind of content.

  • Discords & Groups

We don't discourage users trying to put groups together but some of you will copy & paste across the board if people even mention looking for a server. Please read our rules in the How to be a Devilbro V3.0 & Recruitment Megathread posts that are at the top of the sub and on the sidebar. We do have requirements on what can and can't be posted on the main sub when it comes to these things.

Related to that is. . .

  • "Looking for active clan/group/server"

We see a stack of these often and it's odd that several people who are trying to accomplish the same goal don't use the search function or take advantage of the flairs set for specific versions of the game. It's easy to find active groups in the Recruitment Megathread considering those are groups ACTIVELY seeking new members to play with.


We understand some of you want the smaller community vibe. There are many, many options. Hence why we don't discourage immediate hunting group posts. Just once discord links hit the sub by a single user repeatedly, you'll be asked to go to the appropriate place.

  • Properly Flaring your Posts

"MHW ALL VERSIONS" is mostly for us mods if there are any announcements. Every version of the game will be tagged by the auto-mod as long as there is an abbreviation of the console/pc in the title of a post. Seeing this flair on a post is usually a nice indication that people are just smashing buttons before submitting.

  • Rants, Rage & Ridiculousness

People get excited about the games in the series. From overly happy about finally breaking down what was their in-game wall, to literally making posts just calling users out over trivial garbage, randoms suck posts, or making rage posts about getting bested by the AI. You're free to vent… elsewhere. Once again we're a Looking for Group Only subreddit.

Speaking of ranting and raging, that ends my diatribe of the rules. Just a friendly reminder of what we expect from you fellow hunters. Our aim is to give people in the community a chance to get together with other hunters and find other hunters to play with & tackle monsters, make your grinding less of a chore.

Much love, stay safe and happy hunting! -Big Zaddy

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