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What would *you* want to see in videos covering the series as a whole?

MonsterHunterWorld6 - What would *you* want to see in videos covering the series as a whole?

Hey all, this is going to likely be a pretty long post. I’ll throw a TLDR in here once I’m done – but just a friendly word of warning. o/


TLDR: If you were watching series of a “chronicles” covering each of the main entries in the Monster Hunter games, what sorts of things would you want shown or talked about? And is that something you’d find interesting, or more dull than an egg gathering quest?

Now on to the long text.


For awhile now I’ve been trying to decide what sort of monster hunter content I want to see or think is missing from our community. Recently I’ve been thinking about attempting to make a series of videos that showcase the whole series over time. Sort of a “chronicling” or history of the games, what made each one unique, and what really stands out as good or bad in each of them.

Some of my favorite video content online is longer-form videos detailing the minutiae of what really makes individual games ‘tick’ – and aside a few recent ones following World’s release this year there aren’t many longform videos covering our beloved series. Heck, for a handful of the older titles its difficult to even find footage of the game running on original hardware and not emulated a decade later instead, if that even.

I really care about these games, they’ve made up a significant chunk of my life since I started playing them a few years ago, and I feel like each and every one brought something new to the table and is deserving of examination. That’s why I’m interested in making videos like these.

Some aspects of the games I was thinking about delving into are:

  • Overall focus of development/large entry-to-entry changes
  • Systems & features evolution over time
  • Combat focuses & weapon/weapon-mechanic additions
  • Trends in Monster design
  • Differences & additions to environment design
  • The changes in presentation, theming, and story prevalence

What I just described is an extremely ambitious project, but I’m planning to try and limit the scope of each entry a bit to focus mainly on what sets each one apart, and then what stands out as the positives and negatives of each. That might hopefully make each one a bit easier to focus in on and finish.

Now since Monster Hunter has many entries that jump from “regular” to “ultimate” editions I don't think I’d aim to showcase every individual release, but rather start by focusing on what I consider to be representative of each generation and showcasing those – before eventually filling in the gaps with some of the more obscure releases down the line if that worked out.

With all that description out of the way, this brings me to the question in the title. What would you like to see in a series like this? What parts of the games would interest you most to see talked about across each entry? Which games would you want someone making a series like this to do first?

I’m wanting to see if anyone else cares about or is interested in these games quite like I am, or if I’m just truly my own subgenre of oddity (idiocy?).

Anyways, if you actually read through all that text then wow you’re crazy like I am. Cheers to you, and I hope you feel like commenting something down below that will let me know how others feel about this idea.

Back to the hunts now, hope you all have great mornings/evenings.

Cheers, ~M


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