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What Your Choice of HBG Says About You

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Chrome Assault II

  • You value flexibility, with two deco slots, ability to fire Normal and Pierce competently, and use three Augments

  • You hate Internet Explorer

  • You might not have scrolled down to see what the other HBGs in the list do

Destruction’s Fusillade

  • You know how much damage Spread 3 does, and value recoil and reload speed

  • You enjoy sticking a ranged weapon up a monster’s nose, but don’t want to use a melee weapon for some reason

  • You make weapon choices by counting the number of spikes on the weapon

  • You might have had to google “fusillade”

Water Cannon III

  • You thought you were playing Splatoon for a minute there

  • You are more concerned with monsters being clean than dead

  • Not a fan of protesters

Arma Destroyer III

  • You like sleep bombing, but don’t like LBGs

  • You killed a bunch of Tzi-Tzis in the arena to make cool shades, and figured you’d make a HBG out of the leftovers

  • Whilst wearing those shades, you don’t look at explosions

  • You took a long time writing your negative Steam review for ARMA 3

Legia Shattercryst

  • Shattercryst would be a great name for a metal band

  • You can add up a lot of little numbers and realize they total a very a large number

  • You really wish it had Wyvernsnipe


Gluttonous Fangcannon

  • What’s Wyvern ammo?

  • What’s level 3 ammo?

  • You still post respectable kill times

  • Mildly disappointed you don’t actually shoot fangs

Gnashing Flammenkanone

  • You like the kanone part, but have never used flammen ammo

  • You laugh like the Heavy from TF2 whenever you use Wyvernheart

  • Pollen allergies

Power Shooter II

  • Don’t mind using a generic-looking, generic-sounding weapon if the stats are solid

  • Don’t wear a lot of bright colors

  • Even your ammo is Normal

  • Meticulously arranged bookshelves, netflix queue, armor presets

  • You’ve got plans for that level 3 slot, but you can get the damn Forceshot jewel to drop

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Griffon Blazooka

  • Very interested in making the largest number possible appear on the screen

  • Don’t mind reloading a lot, because the cha-chak sound is cool

  • Never really wondered how Griffons got involved in this weapon

  • Do Griffons even exist in Monster Hunter?

  • Whatever, huge numbers

Datura Blaster III

  • Actually, on monsters smaller than a Diablos, Pierce 2 is almost as good as Pierce 3

  • Actually, with a level 2 and a level 1 slot on a gun that can take three augments, the Datura Blaster is the most customizable HBG there is

  • Actually, you’ve done the math and poison damage is a consistent and low-risk way to speed up your hunt times

  • Actually, with a clip of 8 Pierce 2, and modding into the fastest recoil and reload, this gun can rival Legia for DPS

  • Nobody wants to watch movies with you

Baan Roar III

  • You have made all the HBGs in the game

  • This was the last one

  • You have never used it

  • It doesn’t even have a slot

  • Come on

  • Why

Gama Cannon II

  • You’ve actually used Demon Ammo because you like helping your friends

  • Your friends are chill enough to laugh when you knock them over with Cluster shots

  • You think it’s funny that the Dodogama gun shoots Lightning ammo, because Dodogamas are well known for their Lightning attacks

  • You pack Lifepowder

  • It’s ok if people crash at your place

Kadachi Lion III

  • You might not have heard about the Slicing nerf

  • Yeah, it’s way worse now

  • It’s still fine, I guess, but it shouldn’t be your primary gameplan

  • I’m sorry I had to be the one to tell you

Dragonbone Cannon III

  • Your friend said “all fully upgraded weapons are endgame viable”

  • You made this gun to prove him wrong

  • Being right did nothing to fill the emptiness inside


  • You made this gun only to demonstrate how many Kirins you’ve killed

  • Fu*k Kirin

  • Seriously Fu*k Kirin

Magda Gemitus II

  • Third magmacore destroyed!

  • Third magmacore destroyed!

  • Third magmacore destroyed!

  • Third magmacore destroyed!

  • Third magmacore destroyed!

  • Third magmacore destroyed!

  • You like the idea of playing hammer but you also like not being near monsters

Teostra’s Flames

  • You like gunlances, but could do without the lance part

  • You know there’s ammo other than Wyvern, but you don’t know why

  • Don’t understand why you can only carry five dragonstrike nuts

  • They’re just nuts! How heavy can they be?

  • Jokes about nuts appeal to you on a fundamental level

Xeno Jiiqa

  • You’re pretty sure you’re pronouncing it correctly

  • You desperately want elemental HBG to be a thing

  • It’s not

  • You’re not

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