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Where ever you are my friend, I hope you are safe (Long)

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(TLDR at bottom)

I used to play MHGen with a buddy almost everyday. It was my first MH game and he taught me the ropes.

We met while trying to farm the Toka armour set. We were just four randoms in a lobby. We helped each other complete the required quests. We all agreed no one would leave until everyone had unlocked the armour set (oh man those were beautiful days)

As most of you know, the thing about quest lines were, you had to leave the lobby and go speak to a npc to get given the next quest in the chain. It also meant each player had to be the poster of the quest for it to show completed for them. As you can probably guess, we did each quest in the chain 4 times over.

After completing a quest, a player would leave the lobby and we would hold their spot until they returned. Lo and behold, everyone would always come back to help the next hunter. This really built the bond between us.

As a new player to the MH this feeling of cooperation was exciting.

We all added each other as friends. But one player, Aqubens, was always online when ever I logged in. So we just started huntimg together often.


He was a MH vet and helped me hone my skills. We both made a pact that we would get MHxx when it came to the west (on 3ds, very important) and continue the journey. We both got bigger SD cards and awaited the release news.

The news never came and I noticed Aqu wasnt online as consistently anymore. Time went on and he never came back. At a point I was only playing in hopes he would log in and we could have a laugh again. I stopped playing when I heard World was coming out.

I logged into the 3ds today and saw his avatar. It's speech bubble still says #monsterhunterxxforthewest. Oh Aqu, it came. It finally came.

I'm in the new world now. The biggest joy I get from playing MHworld, is taking new players through the hard quests. Helping them get better at the game. This will always be this series' biggest draw.

I know it's just a game but the connections we make are very real. Wherever you are Aqubens, I hope life is good.

TL/DR I started my MH journey in Gen. Lots of fun and rage. I met a lot of hunters in my play time, but I only met 1 friend. It was well worth it!

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