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Which school of monster design do you prefer?

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The monsters of Monster Hunter, generally, fall into three categories (obviously, a few exceptions exist in each category);

  • There's the monster design of pre-gen3 (a focus on positioning and predictions, monsters had very small or absolutely zero tells at all for their attacks, which were often larger and hit harder, and good hunt times required memorization of their AI) We'll call this "Legacy".(Yian Garuga, Rathalos, Blangonga, Gypsceros, the dromes, Cephadrome/Plesioth, and Rajang are in this group, for example)
  • Gen 3/5 monster design was/ is far slower paced in comparison to gen1/2/4. Monsters have attacks with very visible tells and obvious telegraphing, but huge damage punishment for failing to react accordingly in time. This made these monsters easier to predict, and changed the focus to a more reactionary style of combat. Instead of one's prediction-based skills being tested, they were more-so tested in learning how to react to the attack instead. We'll call this "Reactionary". (Zinogre, Brachydios, Lagiacrus, Deviljho, Great 'aggis, Gigginox, Barroth, Amatsu, Uragaan, Pukei-Pukei, and Anjanath are in this group, for example.)
  • Gen 4, with the return of many 1st/2nd gen monsters and very few (initially) 3rd gen monsters, was a good bit faster than gen3/5 monsters overall, and the new baddies reflected that. Monsters were generally well telegraphed, but tells were a bit smaller and faster than the generation that previously came before it. Some parts of "Legacy" and "Reactionary" were brought in and mixed together, with new monsters having both slow, huge tell attacks and fast, small attacks that one couldn't "react" to in their arsenal designed to stun lock and keep pressure on hunters. We'll call this "Hybrid". (Seregios, Najarala, Tetsucabra, Zamtrios, Malfestio, Mizutsune, Gore Magala, Astalos, Blood Bath Diablos fall into this category, for example.)

Obviously, again, there are exceptions. For example, Tigrex and Nargacuga (2nd gen monsters) behave more in line the "Hybrid" school of thought, alongside a few monsters from world (Odogaron, Tobi kadachi, and Legiana). These "schools of thought" for each generation are just largely based on the majority of the normal (non-special-arena) monsters that were born within that generation.


That being said, I look forward to seeing what school/ generation of monsters you guys prefer to fight. I'm kind of expecting most people to say hybrid to be honest, but I figured it'd be interesting to see for sure.

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