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Who Could be the May Update “Fan-Favorite?” A Comprehensive List of Possible Candidates

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Who Could be the May Update "Fan-Favorite?" A Comprehensive List of Possible Candidates

This Saturday the 21st, we will be given a teaser (and therefore confirmation) as to which “Fan-Favorite” Monster will be arriving in the New World this upcoming May. I, like the rest of you I’m sure, have been thinking through all of the possible candidates since this phase of the Iceborne roadmap was revealed. I wanted to compile every single possible option, every monster I could see being the title update monster, based on community reception, the general title update power creep, and how they could be implemented. This list includes everything from regular monsters to Elder Dragons, and I’m not considering power tier in this list (to an extent). Obviously weaker large monsters have a much lower chance of being a title update monster, but as long as they’re a fan-favorite, they have a smidgen of a chance. So let’s go through the candidates, starting with:


Flagship Monsters I feel have the highest chances here, as every flagship could be argued to be a fan-favorite (yes, even Kushala). Iceborne already hosts a little over half of the series’ flagship monsters, so let’s see who remains.

Seregios: As Much as I love him, Seregios is likely not going to happen. He’s one of the weaker flagships, and as a result wouldn’t work well as a title update Monster, at least following Capcom’s pattern of power creep update monsters. That said, this pattern hasn’t been outright confirmed by Capcom (as far as I’m aware), and since he is a fan-favorite (even if considered the least popular flagship), he has a chance. (Also I’m still salty he wasn’t in Iceborne, how the fuck does the Invasive Species monster not end up invading the New World, hell, how is this not their native habitat?)

Gore Magala: Currently tied for what I believe is the most likely candidate for the update monster with another flagship we’ll discuss soon, Gore Magala just makes a ton of sense for a multitude of reasons. Fan-Favorite? Uh, no duh. I don’t think it’s any exaggeration to say Gore is one of the most popular monsters in the series history. Represents an under-represented era of Monster Hunter in World? Considering World still has only 1 (I count Gen/GU as somewhat of its own thing so I’d argue none) fourth generation Monster while every other generation is thoroughly represented, and seeing as most other fourth gen monsters have skeletons not in world, Gore makes the most sense to represent the fourth generation. Complies with the power creep? Gore may not, but with Gore must come Shagaru, who is more than strong enough to hold a title update. I feel as though the only thing that could hold Gore back, and why I’m sure many would argue he wasn’t in base world, was the fear of poorly handling the frenzy virus. I’m confident that Capcom can find a way to make Gore work, potentially without having to force the frenzy virus into the rest of the game. So yeah, Gore’s tied for my vote.

The Fated Four – Astalos, Gammoth or Mizutsune: I don’t see it. As I said at the start, it could happen, but it’d only be one of them, and once we add another Fated Four that isn’t Glavenus, that’s the point where I feel it’d be especially weird to not have the whole set. Glavenus at least has the advantage of being the flagship of the flagships, so seeing him on his own isn’t quite as weird, but it’d feel wrong also having one of the other three while still missing two. Even if they did just add one, it wouldn’t work with the power creep pattern unless they decided to add their deviants, which I both could and couldn’t see happening. Doesn’t help their case that the devs themselves have stated they didn’t want to over represent Generations, as it’s both the newest generation and has the lowest selection of completely new monsters among the iterations of Monster Hunter. If they were to add one of the four, my money’s on Astalos or Gammoth. Gammoth would make sense because, well, it’s Iceborne, and then Astalos I’d argue is the most popular of the four, perhaps even surpassing Glavenus in popularity. Mizutsune, even with a working leviathan skeleton, just doesn’t feel like the most exciting title update monster on its own. I understand that we got freakin' Lunastra as a title update, but it seems pretty evident based on the selection of update monsters post-Iceborne that Capcom was holding its cards until Iceborne. So again, not impossible, but very unlikely for these three.


Valstrax: Tying with Gore for my most likely candidate, Valstrax brings pretty much everything one could want in a title update monster. Fan-Favorite? Despite being the newest flagship pre World, Valstrax is already insanely popular, no questioning that. Works with the power creep? I mean, it’s an Elder dragon, of course it’s strong enough to hold a title update. The wrench in the operation here is that, as stated with the Fated Four, Capcom said they didn’t want to overrepresent generations. That said, Valstrax specifically represents GU instead of Gen, so I could see an exception being made. This combined with how incredibly easy it would be to come up with reasons for Valstrax to be in the new world, with his mach speed flying, nomadic lifestyle and attraction to the bio-energy of the Everstream, I feel as though he’s as much a shoe-in as Gore.

Lagiacrus: Now hear me out, I feel as though Lagiacrus has a much higher chance than many of you may believe. First of all, he’s a fan-favorite, no question. Second, I do believe the MH devs said during an interview pre-iceborne that Lagiacrus was ultimately cut again because there was nowhere to put him come Iceborne. By this point, I’d argue that so long as his skeleton has been fixed, they’ve had more than enough time to make a small little area just for him, likely shoehorned into the guiding lands. From there, just include Ivory or Abyssal Lagiacrus to keep up with the power creep, and there you go! I’d say they might even bring back underwater combat just for his fight. Okay, that last part is a bit far-fetched, but regardless my point stands. Though not my most likely pick, I think Lagiacrus has a decent chance.

Now then, with the flagships out of the way, let’s move on to:


I feel as though one of these picks has the best odds if the fan-favorite ends up not being a flagship

Chameleos: I’d argue based on his fan reception that Chameleos has the best chance of all non-flagship elder dragons of being the update monster. He’d be easy to throw into World, he works with the power creep, and again, definitely a fan-favorite.

Amatsu: I don’t think she’s all that likely, but she seems pretty popular, so there’s a chance.

Dalamadur: I think it’s incredibly unlikely because of his skeleton, size, etc. but he’s certainly popular and a challenging fight, so again, there’s a chance.

Gogmazios: See Dalamadur.

Akantor/Ukanlos: I’m not necessarily arguing for both at once (though I could certainly see it), but I’d say one of these two has the highest chances out of all non elders or flagships. They’re popular, they’re challenging, I’d say they’re my third guess behind Gore and Val.

That’s all the Elders/Elder Tier that I think have a shot, next let’s look at:


I’ll make this quick, Alatreon might have a chance this May, but I think our first Black Dragon in World would be foreshadowed differently than the title of “Fan-Favorite” monster. Fatalis at the very least is almost certainly the final update planned, and seeing as we seem to have more content updates on the way, I don’t really see any Black Dragons coming this May. Certainly better odds than many other monsters, but still.

Now then, let’s finally move on to:


All of the regular large monsters I think have a chance, no matter how small that chance may be.

Agnaktor: It would probably feel weird having him and not Lagiacrus, but he’s certainly popular and probably would have been in base World over Lavasioth if there hadn’t been skeleton issues.

Duramboros: Seems to be pretty popular and his base skeleton exists in World.

Zamtrios: Pretty weak and would require a new skeleton, but he’s definitely popular and would fit right into the Hoarfrost Reach.

Malfestio: Somewhat popular, would fit right in, has an easy enough skeleton and could come with Nightcloak to account for the power creep. So once again, there is a chance.

And that’s every Monster I believe has even a tiny chance at being the Fan-Favorite coming in May. There were a couple I decided against because there were a few too many things working against them I felt, and I’ll list them here: Yama-Tsukami, Ahtal-Ka, Lao-Shan Lung, Nerscylla, Tetsucabra. I guess we won’t know for sure until Saturday, so until then, remember to anticipate responsibly, and have a nice day!

TL;DR for those who just want a list of every Monster I think is possible (even if the odds are less than 1%) Ordered from my most likely to least likely: Gore Magala/Shagaru Magala, Valstrax, Akantor/Ukanlos, Chameleos, A Black Dragon, Lagiacrus, Seregios, Dalamadur, Gogmazios, Astalos, Gammoth, Mizutsune, Amatsu, Agnaktor, Malfestio, Duramboros, Zamtrios.

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