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Why are Evasion Up and Evade Extender such a pain to get together?

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I've been sitting here, hunched over my computer, scanning Kiranico for a reasonable way to get those two skills, Item Use Up and literally any offense-boosting skill on the same armor set without doing mixed sets, but the only way I have been able to find to do that has been the Nargacuga armor and the Silverwind Nargacuga armor, both of which have extremely low Defense. But like mad low, yo. And even then, their damage boosters are crit-based, which doesn't work well for me since I use the Teostra's Emblem which is good for the Blast, less so for the raw, so I'd like to use something else…

Really, the only alternative I see is the G-rank Amatsu armor, but that's just a different flavor of a crit build. The main problem is that Evade Extender is so incredibly difficult to find. Why? It's just buck-wild to me that these two skills are so carefully distributed, but Expert and Critical Boost are so recklessly slapped onto every other armor.


I don't know if I'm just way too picky about what skills I use on SnS. I've pretty much given up on gemming in both on the Nakarkos armor, that'd take a pretty seriously rare talisman and a lot of gem slots, but I just want to get SOMETHING now. People are out here getting like five offensive skills and getting humongous damage boosts out of it, and meanwhile here I'm struggling to get a basic defensive core out of the armor the game provides me with. Any help would be appreciated, consolation would be a close second.

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