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Why do I not see many people using the Hunting Horn?

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Why do I not see many people using the Hunting Horn?

So I should preface this by saying I'm completely new to MH, MHW is my first MH game and I'm not at "end end" game yet.

I picked up MHW a few weeks ago and have been playing (90% solo) non stop since. I first spent a few days using only the Long Sword, then a few days with the Hammer, and I've spent a good few hours with the light and heavy Bow Guns, SnS and the Great Sword.

Today I picked up the Hunting Horn out of curiosity and suddenly I'm absolutely tearing through monsters. I feel just by switching to the HH I've made the game 50-60% easier and my clear times have gone way down.


The combination of the insane move speed. the not needing to complete long combos to confirm damage, and the (many) buffs, especially DEF up and STAM up seem to have given me what seems like a mini God mode.

So I'm wondering why in 4 weeks playing constantly I can't remember a time I've seen another HH? Is it purely because people see it as a support weapon? Is it just going under the radar? Or am I just missing something and HH is actually awful for some reason?

Also if any HH vets have any tips they'd be much appreciated as I'm pretty sure I'll be sticking with HH from now on. Thanks.

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