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Why do I play in groups? Even with randos.

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Why do I play in groups? Even with randos.

What is difficult for you, might not be the same as it is for me.

Wise words that I just now came up with…

Recently I have received many questions about me playing in groups and why wont I just play solo that I wanted to write something about this.

To me, Monster Hunter World brought something a bit unique that wasn't present in the previous titles.

You see, I've always played Monster Hunter with randoms, since I've never really had that many MH friends that I could really connect with (not talking about internet connection). But in previous games it was more about finding someone fun to hunt with, teaming up and spending some time in the hub area chatting and re-connecting the next day. Friend invites actually mattered and quests were EASIER in a group than it was to do a multiplayer quest solo.

World changed that. In MHWorld, whenever I see a speedrun of someone doing a solo hunt in 1-3minutes, it's whatever. It's weird right? The difficulty is so outright ridiculous that someone like me can do sub 3minute runs if I just copy the set and spend an hour practising. It's not that difficult. I can say that from experience.

Sure, there are some very impressive feats out there in terms of speedruns, not trying to diminish that.

So why do I play in groups, especially with randoms; should have become obvious at this point.

I actually enjoy the challenge it brings. The fact that I need to take my time and write in chat;

"Don't do that, it doesn't work." OR "Hammer try to focus on head"Whatever it might be that I need to do with my items, armorset/build or what I need to say to help people to play a bit better completely changes the way I look at MHW.

Only ONE quest has forced me to do this in the previous games and that was G-rank Enraged Ukanlos in 4U, where even in a group you are so unmatched that unless you are able to communicate the basics down you are more than likely to fail the quest.

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World brings this feeling back with all of it's Arch Tempered monsters. Each and every single AT hunt is interesting to me, because it keeps me on my toes, not necessarily about the monster, but about the group I'm in. Even if I'm not rocking a support build, I still offer support. I constantly drink life-powders wherever I go, I do my research on the monster, so that I know my armorset/build/skills and items work against this AT Elder Dragon.

The fact that I know "I'm good" gives me the chance to look at my team mates, what they are doing, what they shouldn't be doing and what they should be doing and to help wherever I can. Even if it might make me sound like an asshole at times when I spam the "facepalm" emotes when someone flahses AT Kushala when he's in the air.

But.. I do have my fair share of rage-quits from a Quest because some rando answering an SOS when they were still in their underwear and forgot to put some armor on, thinking they're going to Neverland to see Peter Pan.

This has changed the core reason why I play Monster Hunter and it's not a bad thing, I just used to play it with a very different mind-set than what I have now.

And I look forwards to never-ever doing an Arch Tempered monster solo. I did a few of them on PS4 before Behemoth came and felt like these AT monsters are meant to be played in a group and honestly; In a group with randoms.

A group that knows every single in and out and communicates prefectly have no idea about the hurdles when some rando with a Peter Pan syndrome kicks a Paratoad when you're right there and locked in a weapon animation.

Yours Truly…

– Masochist Man

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