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Why does it feel like people complained about every title update?

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Why does it feel like people complained about every title update?

Reposting this here because the original post was attacked by a troll.

When people complained about the following monsters, they had the following to say.*

Deviljho: Bad Hitzones

Kulve Taroth: Excessively Grindy & Repetitive. Pointless 50 minute timer.

Lunastra: Overall horrendously designed monster.

Behemoth: Even worse than Lunastra & couldn't reasonably be soloed.

Leshen & Ancient Leshen: Even worse monsters still.

Rajang: Clutch Claw, AI & Speed of the monster was an unbearable mix compared to anything else in the game.

Safi'jiiva: Better than Kulve, but still an obnoxious grind fest.

Furious Rajang & Raging Brachydios: Only had worthless Optional Quests that contributed nothing to the End Game after their gear was crafted. (Raging Brachydios is an incredible experience though.)

Alatreon: Forced Elemental Damage that was inherently flawed due to Capcom's inability to balance the game & continued buffing of the Raw Damage Meta. (Though the actual hunt with Alatreon is extremely fun minus EJ.) Frostfang Barioth surprisingly had little to no complaints other than being too easy. (Two of my friends really hate FFB because they think he's extremely annoying. I personally disagree.)

Fatalis: Surprisingly not too many complaints. 30 Minute Timer was really the only issue. Plus some jank hitboxes. (I for one LOVE the Fatalis hunt. It blew my mind.)

So there. Now I shall give my opinion on every title update.

Deviljho: Fun, but easy & too damn exploitable. Seriously, have you seen how fast Savage dies? It's pathetic.

Kulve Taroth: Enjoyable hunt with an awesome atmosphere. High Rank Siege was pretty boring after a while, but the Master Rank hunt was great. The pointless 50 minute timer is dumb, but it's not like I can't deal with it.


Lunastra: I ADORE Lunastra. IDK what you guys are complaining about.

Behemoth: I fought Extremoth for fun in Base World. I savor that battle.

Leshen & Ancient Leshen: Okay. THIS I agree with. The Leshens are awful. They're spammy, have little attack variety, everything sends you flying & it's hard to see the roots. Unavoidable DoT Bird Aura is obnoxious as well.

Rajang: Fun Monkey Boy. Ooga Booga!

Safi'jiiva: This is THE Monster Hunter Monster. Straight up MMO Dragon with an epic theme & amazing Ultimate Attack. Amazing!

Furious Rajang & Raging Brachydios: Two really fun monsters.

Alatreon: I don't like Escaton Judgement, but the hunt is oodles of fun. Though it's way too easy unfortunately. I like Frostfang Barioth to, but obviously not as much.

Fatalis: INCREDIBLE! Absolutely Amazing! Genuinely hard (Well, it was hard at some point.) & it's just illegal amounts of fun. Castle Schrade looks fantastic, the music is epic. Some hitboxes are bad, but the overwhelming positives outshine that.

I've said this before & I'll say it again. I hate when people complain about the supposed "Bad" difficulty. People say that the AI is bad, difficulty is artificial, monsters are too aggressive & unfun. Honestly, screw that noise. There are VERY FEW monsters that I think are truly bad. Most monsters are fun for me.

If you think Iceborne is bad then maybe you shouldn't have complained about Base World being too easy. You're the one who needs to git gud & suck up to the challenges that YOU WANTED!!

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