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Why “Fire and Ice” sucks and you should never use it (on multiplayer)

MonsterHunterWorld8 - Why "Fire and Ice" sucks and you should never use it (on multiplayer)

I was gonna make a short post, bashing Fire and Ice for how bad it is because a lot of players fall for its misleading stats and look like fools running around with it.

But because of the new MHW subreddit rules, I can't no longer shitpost! so I decided to give a in-depth and high effort bashing on how bad Fire and Ice truly is.


At first glans, the stats of Fire and Ice do look impressive.

Fire and Ice

252 Raw Attack

240 Ice (90 more than Freeze Chain II)

240 Blast (120 more than Empress "Styx")

LVL 2 slot

10% affinity (90% affinity with Critical Eye 7 and Weakness Exploit 3)

1 Augment (or 100% affinity with affinity augment)

But in reality, these stats are pure noob traps, specifically, the Ice Element and Blast stats…

The elemental and status ailment stats are very misleading, because in reality, the left blade that looks like Daora's claw deals Ice damage, but doesn't apply Blast Status, while the right blade that looks like Teostra's claw applies Blast Status, but doesn't deal Ice damage…

"What does this mean" you might ask. As an example, the Freezing Chain II have base 150 Ice Element, that means both blades deal 150 Ice, but Fire and Ice's base 240 Ice is only on one of the blades.

So in reality, the 240 Ice should be 120 as only one blade deal 240 or Freezing Chain 150 Ice should be 300 in comparison as both blades deal 150.

These stats can be confusing, so lets we compare real world damages with Freezing Chain II.

Freezing Chain II

252 Raw Attack (Same raw as Fire and Ice)

150 Ice (90 less Ice, presumably)

LVL 2 slot (Same)

0% Affinity (80% affinity with Critical Eye 7 and Weakness Exploit 3)

3 Augments (or 100% affinity with 3 affinity augments)

Right of the bat, Freezing Chain look like the same weapon, just with less Ice and no Blast.

Freezing Chain deals 3 extra Ice damage every hit on smaller combo's, while bigger combo's does 5 each hit, while Fire and Ice, at 240 Ice, the left blade deals 3 extra Ice damage every hit on smaller combo attacks, while doing 8 extra damage on bigger combo's.

BUT for Freezing Chain II both weapons have 150 Ice Element, so that 3 and 5 extra damage are actually 6 and 10 compared to Fire and Ice's 3 and 8.

That makes Freezing Chain II, better than Fire and Ice at Ice Damage!

Here are some damage numbers for the three Ice DB's. These are total damages of one Demon Dance move.

SkillsNo skillsFrost Jewels*100% Crit' Element**ALL THE SKILLS
Fire and Ice367383482578
Freezing Chain II383399506610
Taroth Daggers "Ice"461493642748

Taroth Daggers "Ice" needs Free Element. Also has 266 Raw, unlike Freezing Chain and Fire and Ice that only has 252.

*Includes 3 Frost Jewels. Freezing Chain is maxed at 2 though.

**Includes Critical Element, Frost Jewel 3, Critical Boost 3, White sharpness, 100% Affinity.


Blast Status

But you might be thinking "Well, Fire and Ice have Blast Status to make up for the damage, right?"…. That's where more bad news come in.

Obviously, elemental attacks do proc every single hit, but many don't know that Status Ailments have random chance to proc every third or so hits. Another reason why status weapons suck.

This means that while Fire and Ice's Ice Element is cut in half, it's Blast Status is cut far lower than half because of the lesser chance of proc'ing status with only one weapon. Even though it has an impressive 240, it's not enough to make up for the crippling Element/Status split between blades.

Unlike a dedicated Blast Dual Blades like Empress "Styx" and Bazel DB's, Fire and Ice can only trigger explosions around 7-8 times on Solo Elder Dragons, while a dedicated Blast DB would trigger around 12.

Multiplayer is even worse for Fire and Ice's Blast Ailment where the Status resistance of the monster skyrockets every time you trigger an explosion. If you're lucky, you can do 5 explosions, which is measly 600 damage… A Great Sword can deal that amount in a single swing.

Jewel (In)Efficiency

Yeah, more bad news.

If you want to deal more damage with elemental or status weapons, the best way is to upgrade element or status with Jewels… obviously… In Fire and Ice's case, you need 3 Frost Jewels and 3 Blast to fully upgrade it.

But there's a catch, not only are you gonna need 6 slots, but you gonna benefit only half of the value of the Jewels. Like I wrote earlier, the 240 Ice and Blast stats are technically 120 Ice and Blast. Increasing their stats to 310 and 300 respectively with with Frost and Blast Jewels, you only increase their real stats to 155 Ice and 150 Blast.

Keep in mind, 6 Critical Eye Jewels gives whopping 25% affinity… 35 more stats for the price is 6 jewels might as well be a MHW crime.

Monster Resistances to Ice and Blast.

At first, a dual element weapon might seem like an attractive idea, but when you really think about it, it's a really, really bad idea… For example, If you had a Fire and Water Element Dual Blade and the fighting a Fire Monster, the Water would be effective, but Fire would be useless.

This is the case for Fire and Ice, as there are no Monsters with 3 Ice and Blast Weaknesses.

All Monsters that are weak to Ice are usually Fire Monsters that resist Blast, while every Monster that are weak to Blast resist Ice.

For Example, Kushala Daora have 3 Blast Weakness, but is immune to Ice, while Teostra is weak to Ice, he resist Blast.

Even though there are Monsters with 3 Ice Weakness and 2 Blast Weakness, it's usually better to double down on a Ice Weakness weapon, rather than splitting fire power for an average 2 Weakness.


While Fire and Ice won't deal as much damage as a dedicated Ice or Blast build, the Blast does pretty decent enough damage on Solo. It is actually on bar with Freezing Chain II because of it… But then you have to realize that Freezing Chain II is the worst Ice DB in the game… Being better than shit is nothing to brag about.

It is far worse on Multiplayer because of the very lacking Blast damage and you WILL drag your team down using it. When I tested it on several Multiplayer Elder Dragons, Freezing Chain II beat it by A MILE.


Disclaimer: English is not my strong tuxedo, so I apologize for my poor engrish.

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