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Hey hunters,

I just wanted to share this with someone cause none of my gamer friends play MH: W, im trying to persuade them though.

So, why do I love this game?

IMO, it combines 2 elements I absolutely love, but until now, wouldn't find in the same game. You must know, that for me, the SoulsSeries is the pinnacle of gaming. I have thousands of hours between those 3 titles. I have spent whole nights invading, being a SunBro, and just generally being soaked in that wonderful, but nostalgic, world. Dark Souls 1 is for me the best game ever. However, the one thing I find missing in the SoulsSeries is grinding and upgrading. In these games, once you have your armor and choose your weapon, that's it. There isn't much to strive for. The gameplay is perfect, so it keeps you hooked. But you never have the rush of wondering if the mob will drop a better sword for you.

So, whenever the gear junkie in me started feeling the itch, I would devour Path of Exile (used to be Diablo 2). If you haven't played Path of Exile, and you like ARPG's like Diablo, you owe it to yourself. Its 100% free with no pay to win. It's a really good game, very complex, and you can see how the developers love their game and pour their souls into it. They have a pretty active line of communication with fans. Every dungeon you run in Path of Exile has the chance of dropping a better sword, helm, etc. It's what keeps you going, there is literally no ceiling. However, the gameplay itself can get boring. Once your character starts to feel finished, you usually press a button and 500 mobs die in a split second. The meta is all about speed so you barely see the mobs you are grinding (which is a shame because it's a really pretty game).


So, why do I love Monster Hunter? For me, it's the best of both worlds. The combat is as engaging as Dark Souls. You feel like you don't have a moment to breathe. You have to be focused, in the zone. You must be aware of the openings, weak points, etc. BUT, it also has the grind for gear upgrade. You kill monsters again and again hoping for THAT deco you need so much for your build. Each hunt is a opportunity to have a better build.

As a bonus, im a total alt-oholic. Whenever I finish RPG's, I have already played the first half a LOT of times. I want to try the wizards, I want to try the Rogues, I want to try the Clerics, etc. Monster Hunter? Just start forging a new weapon and some new armor. What? I don't have enough money? Go to the grind then, you poor bastard.

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