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Why the elementless decoration sucks

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I did some number crunching and it's just a little depressing.

First off I love the hammer. The big quick hits, the spins, the KO's,… everything.

However, I think the devs made a mistake by making elementless a decoration.

Take a look at these comparison tables I made looking at each elemental hammer, the typical combos, the damage they can make, and how those compare to the diablos shatterer II with and without the elementless decoration. The diablos shatterer II is represented by the blue line on the damage plot and the x-axis on the percentage plots. The diablos shatterer II located on each axis is awakened giving it 150 ice attack.

Every weapon had WE+3 atk up+4, powercharm/powertalon, atk up L, and demon drug applied. The damage was calculated on a monster weakpoint with 60 blunt and 25 elemental resistance (a low average for blunt but higher for element). Boosting the elemental damage as much as possible on each hammer (x1.3 base plus critical element), the diablos shatterer II fell right in the middle of the pack. Which i think is ideal for a non-elemental weapon since it takes less effort to use since it is effective against every monster as opposed to elemental which only works with certain monsters.


But then you add in elementless and then the diablos shatterer beats out every elemental hammer even though they have the maximum boost to elemental attack you can get. I find this a little annoying to be honest. If they had left the elementless skill only obtainable with the diablos set, it would be alright, but with it being only a lvl2 gem that can very easily be applied to any and every armor set, it makes it too powerful. I like the idea of monsters having elemental weaknesses and having to be smart about picking the right weapon to fight the monster, but with the diablos/elementless combo there is no need. Plus then they add white sharpness on to the dang thing too, which makes every other hammer seem like a squeaky blow up toy.

Don't get me wrong. I like big damage numbers. I use the diablos/elementless combo almost exclusively. I just wish the biggest numbers weren't only available with one hammer on every monster, but with the right hammer on the right monster in the right spot.

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