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Why we wont get G-rank in World/Why you wouldnt want it anytime soon.

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Every single thread in some capacity seems to have a sentence involving g-rank these days and how people are "predicting" or hoping that we will get it for the aniversery etc etc.

But honestly , i dont think this is true at all and i will explain my theory as to why and also why i actually think it would be a terrible idea for World anyway with its current setup.

Okay so firstly , the reason why i think we wont get a g-rank. Its a pretty simple reason actually, and its to do with monsters. Now (i could probably google) im not sure exactly how long world was in development for, but i would assume it was a few years, and since its release we have seen a grand total of 4 new monsters and 1 map (Yes El-Dorado counts). Without a doubt, unless it was changed because of the leak, we are going to at some point get Oroshi and Alatreon. Now think about the delay between each monster, especially the latest current one and the pretty lame efforts of AT's in the mean time.

If they were to release a G-rank, it would at minimum need at least 8 or so NEW monsters for that rank. Is this a unwritten rule? no, but can you honestly see the point of releasing a massive damage and hp sponge increase for difficulties sake for all the existing ones, and then making people have to farm them all over again? The backlash that would get would be immense (even if it was free lol) , and seeing as they have hardly any skelentons in the game currently anyway, they would be slight variations on what we have , or they would need to create a bunch of new ones, add the pathing , add the AI , the gear etc etc for the entire DLC, ON TOP of all the current things they are allready working on, and with the release schedule the way it is, i dont see that happening.


The other point is if it were that, why would anyone WANT that? With the total lack of end-game variety we allready have, why would anyone want to slog through everything again for a slightly shinier bit of gear. AT's allready provide that, they are – essentially – the G-rank of World as it is.

I just dont see it happening really. Not until MHW2 or 6 or whatever they call it, which is unlikely to see light until the end of next year maybe if they were going to do it. There currently isnt really a place or point for G-rank in worlds structure. And lets say they did add Alatreon before a supposed G-rank? They would then need to create on top of the new monsters, an either bigger big-bad for the end of G-rank, which while possible, seems a bit counter productive with the hype for him anyway. G-rank would need to be a massive increase in stuff to do on top of what we allready have and it really isnt looking likely at all. Not to mention the way they would need to take the story etc to deal with it.

No i truly believe we'll get Oro and Ala and thats it at this point. A new map is not impossible, but i dont forsee any new monsters (Unless its a Elder seeing as they shot themselves in the foot with the end game structure now).

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