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Wide 4 gunlance anti ATV set

Monster Hunter World Preview Screenshot 08 1024x576 - Wide 4 gunlance anti ATV set

Warning the set is fairly deco intensive.

Going for W4 gl since shelling damage is constant and will ignore the aura and super armor ATV has, wide shelling allows for quick but effective combos and since you only need artillery and the feline bombardier food skill to max the effectiveness of gl shelling damage (capacity boost is also a nice to have) it leaves the set open almost entirely to defensive options while still being able to stay aggressive.

Here is the set: Tarroth buster bomber (two health regen augments); Guard 3 charm; Empress crown beta (1x shield jewel, 1x jumping jewel); Vaal chest beta (1x recovery jewel, 1x miasma jewel); Vaal bracers beta (3x artillery jewels); High metal coil beta (1x vitality jewel); Vaal legs beta (2x vitality jewels).

Gives you: Artillery 3, Capacity boost, Guard 3, Guard up, Evade extender 3, Recovery speed up 3, Health boost 3, Miasma res 3, Peak performance 1 (won’t activate much it’s just there), and Vaal Hazak super recovery.


Notes: -You will still take tick damage even with the miasma res, it’s there to make the environmental miasma less of a mission to deal with.

-The super recovery, recovery speed and health augs will make the tick damage you receive pretty inconsequential.

-Any of the 3 Wide 4 gunlances will work, I went for the R7 because the two health regen augs is a sweet spot and Vaal is weak to blast so the blast proc damage adds up nicely.

-If you have a magazine jewel you can replace the jumping jewel and the waist for anything with 3 slots and put in divine blessing.

-If you don’t care about capacity boost and are just going to use the double shell reload combo then replace the waist with anything which has 3 slots and slot in divine blessing.

-Give your cat meowlotov for some extra damage and either a blast weapon, high elder-seal weapon or the gajalaka weapon.

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