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Wide 4 Gunlances – Pokes Damage Comparison

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There are three Wide 4 Gunlances in the game, all dropped from Kulve Taroth :

  • Rarity 6: Bomber Gold Exploder

  • Rarity 7: Taroth Buster "Bomber"

  • Rarity 8: Taroth Buster "Water"

For the sake of simplicity i'll abbreviate them as R6, R7, R8.

I did some testing with the pokes against the pole and a large barrel, here's the results :

  • Pole —> Barrel

  • R6: 40/42 —> 19/20

  • R7: 45/46 —> 21/22

  • R8: 47/49 —> 22/23

  • R8: 52/53 —> 25 (R8 + Non-elemental Boost)

R8 + Non-elemental Boost + White Sharpness :

  • R8: 57/58 —> 27/28

For all this tests i didn't use any damage boosting skill/effect other than the charms in my inventory.

The only listed exception being the R8.

Then i took the most offensive set that i could make for the R8, the pokes where boosted by :

  • Attack Boost Lv 4

  • Critical Boost Lv 3

  • Weakness Exploit Lv 3

  • Handicraft Lv 3

  • Maximum Might Lv 2

  • Non-elemental Boost

And this were the results :

  • 60 (regular) 84/86 (crit) —> 28/29 (regular) 40 (crit)

When dropping down to blue sharpness :

  • 54 (regular) 76/78 (crit) —> 26/27 (regular) 36/37 (crit)

For comparison, with Artillery Lv 3 and Felyne Bombardier regular shots from a Wide 4 GL deal 70 damage.

It's worth mentioning that while the R8 is a Raw Gunlance (Hidden Water), R6 has a negligible 90 Blast while R7 has a decent 210 Blast.

From my experience testing the R7 you'll only get one blast explosion (120 damage) against most monsters and you'll end up killing them before the second blast explosion.

So what's the ideal combo ?

I don't have a video with a chronometer slapped onto it so i had to record the different combos, open them in my video editing program and look how long it took to peform them.

So, keeping human error in mind :

Combo A)

  • Shoot > Poke > Shoot > Poke > Shoot > Quickreload

Took roughly 4'30"


Combo B)

  • (Shoot x 2) —> Poke —> Shoot —> Quickreload

Took roughly 3'30"

Unless your pokes can do more than 70 damage Combo B is better.

Even when hitting a weakspot your pokes shouldn't do more than 70 damage unless you're critting with them and you're also using the R8.

Combo A is still worth using with the R7 if the monster is weak to Blast since it will spam more status compared to Combo B.

  • As a final note about Long 4 Vs Wide 4 in case you where wondering :

(Charged Shoot x 4) -> Quickreload

With Long 4 deals 440 damage and takes roughly 7 seconds.

With Wide 4 you can do Combo B two times wich deals :

420 damage + whatever damage the two pokes are doing.

Assuming a minimal damage of 10 on each poke that's 440.

20 damage gives us a total of 460.

40 damage on each poke reaches a nice total of 500 damage.

From there it only gets better depending on how much damage your pokes do.

  • So yes, Long 4 is outdamaged by Wide 4…

Unless the monster is armored and your pokes bounce off ruining your combo.

There's one last thing worth mentioning about Long 4 Vs Wide 4 and that's sharpness consuption, Long shells consume 2 units of sharpness, that's 8 units of sharpness gone every full combo.

Wide shells consume 3 units of sharpness, pokes consume 1 unit; Combo B consumes 10 units of sharpness, wich doesn't seem too much compared to long until you realise that you're going to be doing two of those combos in the same amount of time that it takes Long 4 to do one combo… so it's 20 units of sharpness gone Vs 8.

  • Does it matter ?

If you can kill the monster before reaching yellow sharpness not really, otherwise you should consider getting skills like Protective Polish or Razor Sharp; without those you'll probably have to stop to sharpen your weapon more often.

  • Hopefully this tests will help some players who are still undecided on wich Wide 4 GL use/augment.

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