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With all the reveals coming out, I’m taking a stab at what I think the Iceborne Monster Additions are going to be overall

MonsterHunterWorld10 - With all the reveals coming out, I'm taking a stab at what I think the Iceborne Monster Additions are going to be overall

Just so that I can have it on record, and because its fun to speculate. I'll be separating them by tiers of likelihood of appearance.

Definitely Confirmed Already (Monsters we already know are coming)

  • Random flying small monster no one gives a shit about
  • Popos
  • Tigrex
  • Shrieking Legiana
  • Banbaro (Brute Deer Monster)
  • Beotodus (Shark-like monster)
  • Nargacuga
  • Glavenus
  • Velkhana (New Frost Elder Dragon)

Almost guaranteed to appear at this point (To the point I'd bet money on it)

  • Zinogre
  • Oroshi Kirin
  • Alatreon

Oroshi Kirin and Alatreon were part of the original MHW leaks, which were proven 100% true with the only exceptions being these two monsters. In addition, data mining found files in MHW that explicitly referenced both of their armor sets, though never implemented. It would make sense if these two got pushed back once they decided they were doing an ice expansion – since Oroshi Kirin is just Ice Kirin and Alatreon is the Elder Dragon master of all 4 elements, but Ice was not represented in World until Iceborne.

My theory is that Alatreon will show up as the "Bitch you thought you were done?!" Elder to Velkhana, like how Xeno'jiiva was to Nergi and Zorah.

Zinogre I'm confident in because World, even with Iceborne, needs another Thunder representative and Zinogre is extremely popular, the armor set for preorder is tied to the game where Zinogre first appeared AND he was a part of that updated anniversary poster from before. His skeleton, or one they could easily adapt to his use, also already exists in World.

Highly likely to appear, but could be passed over (Greater than 50% odds, lower than 80% I'd say)

  • Brachydios
  • Sergios
  • Lagiacrus

Brachy and Sergios both appear on the updated 15th anniversary poster in World-level detail, just like Glavenus, Zinogre et. all do. In addition, Brachy is one of the most popular monsters in the series, while Sergi would add another flying Wyvern in a game that kind has a lame selection of them at the moment. More importantly, they would round out two lacking status conditions in world – having a 2nd Blast and 2nd Bleed monster, respectively.


Lagiacrus I'm a little more confident on; Lagi existed in World, full model, textures, attacks and all at one point. The only reason he didn't make it in is because his neck was FUUUUUCKED, and they couldn't fix it in time for the release of the game, so they cut him. While developing a new expac and all the time they've had since release, bringing Lagi back with Iceborne would make a lot of sense, especially considering there is only one water monster in World (Jyura).

I suspect if Brachy/Sergi come in though, they might be launch monsters but additions later like Deviljho/Luna were.

Unlikely, but possible

  • Fatalis

Even though he appears in the poster with the rest, Fatalis is a big deal, and adding him would almost be worth an expansion on its own. If he does come back, I suspect he would be like Kulve Taroth and be a limited time Siege event.

Not gonna happen

  • Gore Magala
  • Shaguru Magala

Even though they appear in World-level hotness on the anniversary poster and are popular, I'm gonna go with "No" on these two. Simply because they're big enough and important enough to have their own entries for a new game, and because adding them would mean having to go back and mess with every single non-Elder Dragon in the game because of the Frenzy virus effect.

"But that didn't matter in Generations!" you say. Yes, but Generations was a "greatest hits" kinda game – basically take everything in MH until that point and jam in it, don't give a shit if it makes sense kinda thing. World takes it's….world….and story somewhat seriously, and you could not add Gore (and thus Shaguru) in without seriously addressing the Frenzy Virus, which would probably merit its own expansion.


  • Gammoth
  • Mitizune
  • Khezu
  • Gigginox

Khezu and Gigginox just because they kinda fit the theme and zone…and also because fleshy HD nightmare penis for everyone!

Gammoth I'm a little more seriously about though – he shares a similar skeleton to the Popos, which we know are in the game, is a perfect fit for the setting of Iceborne AND would give Glavenus some much needed company with his Fated Four friends.

Mitizune depends on Lagi making it in – if Lagi doesn't make it, then its not possible for Mitz here to make it.

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