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WORLD player still able to connect with ICEBORNE player

MonsterHunterWorld10 - WORLD player still able to connect with ICEBORNE player

Question : ――仕様周りも少し聞いていきたいのですが、「アイスボーン」購入者と非購入者のマッチングはどうなりますか?

Answer : 辻本氏:今回は、「アイスボーン」を導入した時点で、『ワールド』のセーブデータが「アイスボーン」のものに変わりますが、その状態でも『ワールド』本編しか持ってないプレイヤーと一緒に遊ぶことはできます。ただし、マスターランクのクエストへ一緒に行くことはできません。




Google Translate : Q : ―― I would like to ask you about the specifications a little, but what happens to the matching between "Iceborne" buyers and non-buyers?

A :Mr. Tsujimoto: At this time, when "Iceborne" was introduced, the saved data of "World" will be changed to "Iceborne", but even with that state, I will play with the player who only has the "World" feature. You can. However, you can not go to the quest of the master rank together.

In addition, players who only have the "World" feature can not use the new action added from "Iceborne", and conversely, "Iceborne" buyers can use the new action even when playing with the feature-only player. .

It might be that I bought "Ice bone" separately but I have not yet cleared the "World" main part, but even in such a state, the new action can be used from the beginning. There are many actions that can be added to hunts this time, so I think it's easier to move up a bit more than advancing the main story in a basic state.

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