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World’s wakeup order on sleeping monsters

MonsterHunterWorld7 - World's wakeup order on sleeping monsters

Good day, my fellow hunters!

So as you all should know the first hit on a sleeping monster gets a 2x damage bonus. This means that weapons with strong single hit attacks should get priority over other weapons with multiple weak hits.

I've been taking part in a discussion about the order in which weapons get to attack, and made a list. This list is mainly meant as advice for SOS hunts, since premades mostly already know who's in charge should they decide to utilize sleepbombing.

I'd really like to hear what you've got to say to this list, and possibly derive one or two situational versions (with or w/o Rocksteady,…) of it. Let's get to the meat of this post though, the actual list from my previous comment:

  1. Greatsword
  2. Hammer
  3. Chargeblade
  4. Heavy Bowgun
  5. Gunlance
  6. Hunting Horn
  7. Switchaxe
  8. Lance
  9. Longsword
  10. Bow
  11. Light Bowgun
  12. Sword'n'Shield
  13. Insect Glaive
  14. Dual Blades

Let's break this down into tiers, shall we?

GS, Hammer and CB are top tier. GS boasts insane damage; Hammer and CB good damage and big potential for a subsequent KO. All three weapons are slightly difficult to aim well with though.

HBG and GL have Wyvern Fire, which is an easy and fast way to reliably wake a monster up. They do decent damage and get the job done no matter what. Cluster is nice if you hit the bombs first.


HH and SA are rather niche. They have okay-ish power on a few, pretty difficult to aim moves. HH also brings KOs to the party. For an experienced player a suboptimal choice to wake a monster with. For inexperienced hunters? Don't even try pls.

Lance and LS have easy to aim options to wake up monsters, but their nature of steadily inflicting medium amounts of damage tends to make them more of a last resort. LS' Helmsplitter plus Rocksteady Mantle is interesting though.

Bow and LBG serve better as additional damage. Bow's Dragonpiercer implements itself well if it's timed so it hits shortly after the wake up. Always let your LBG teammates set up their mines before initiating a big attack, since they add a LOT of value. Don't let Bows and LBGs hit anything else than the actual barrel bombs with their attacks though, as their single hits do rather low damage.

SnS, IG and DB are bottom tier on wake up calls. You may want to throw them around with your axe if they try getting close to a sleeping monster after the bombs have been placed, or after they screwed up the GS True Charged Slash. I can't blame you for that, but please keep in mind that IG noobs love their even weaker aerial attacks. At least SnS possibly does KO damage.

This list obviously is a reflection of my experience with and opinions about MHW, your mileage may vary.

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