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Would people embrace this? Just an idea.

MonsterHunterWorld6 - Would people embrace this? Just an idea.

Recently I was reading about Japanese game developer's philosophy about approaching new design and mechanics. Particularly Hidetaka Miyazaki's thinking when he became a creative director in charge of creating Demon Souls. I also have recently been playing a indie title from a few years back called "Crawl" and have been enjoying it with friends. So I ended up with a random idea after thinking about crawl and the souls series take on multiplayer. Playing an enemy/monster. Like Valve's Evolve but actually fun.

The idea: Allow a player to play as a monster.

I find myself not as excited hunting tempered and arch tempered monsters constantly. They eventually are mastered and the appeal of the time attack/speed run doesnt satisfy. I have been learning new weapons and becoming a collector of armor and weapons/ completionist, but this also can get stale after a while. So how could we change it up?

Something about "invading" a hunt and assuming a Elder dragon or even a Jagarus sounds fun…maybe not fair to the hunters, but I'm sure ways to balance the odds could be found….it would be a lot more fun than the game Evolve was since hunters play their custom hunters. The idea of playing the monster (like crawl) is something that doesnt happen much in games, so I thought it was sort of a new frontier of gameplay to explore for capcom. It wouldn't have to be a "invasion" either. They could just let hunters choose the hunt like they would any other, except they request to specifically hunt a "special/apex/keen" version…that happens to be a player controlled monster.

Idk though. I understand people want monster hunter to innovate and be unique without mimicking other games. If that means not taking ideas like this that's understandable. But I thought it was worth seeing what people thought. So what do you guys think?

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