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Would you like to see Deviants return someday?

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If you're new to Monster Hunter, here's a quick summary on what Deviants are: When an individual monster manages to survive its first encounter with hunters, it might begin to change. It's abilities become stronger, it's appearance changes, and sometimes it even learns new moves. Give it a few more close encounters with hunters, and it's power becomes so above norm that Guild/Comission has to officially classify it as a Deviant. In short, Deviants are the "veterans" of their individual monster species. After surviving numerous encounters with hunters, everything about them is overdeveloped to the point where they stand above the rest of their kind. Pick related might look like a regular Rathalos, but that is actually his Deviant, Dreadking Rathalos, who's air maneuverability and stronger fire attacks are at the peak of what normal Rathalos are capable of.


I would personally love to see Deviants return . I found them to be one of my favorite forms of endgame grind, but I would have the ticket system rehauled so the grind doesn't get to repetitive. Deviants are also really great from a lore standpoint, they are like the perfect foil to us as hunters: Where we constantly hunt and hone our skills to the point where we can effortlessly take down dozens of monsters that previously gave us challenge, Deviants are monsters that in turn have survived many encounters with hunters, and have honed their skills to the point where they can better repel us. Where you have taken down multiple Rathalos over the course of your career, a Dreadking has successfully beaten back many hunters over the course of its life. You and the Deviant are essentially equals, and facing one is IMO, the greatest test to prove your worth as a monster hunter, 2nd to facing Elder Dragons themselves.

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