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Wow! What a way to start the Spring Blossom Event (Tempered Deviljho)! Hunt of my life.

478445 AARA1 1024x576 - Wow! What a way to start the Spring Blossom Event (Tempered Deviljho)! Hunt of my life.

Let me start off by saying that during my time since the first MH game, this has never happened to me before. It's almost like the stars aligned, and I was blessed with the best group of randoms ever.

Anyways, decided to do Tempered Deviljho to see how much damage he does to my over 650 defense armor set (max upgrades, buffs, plus Deviljho HH). By the way, the damage is somewhat laughable, but can really ruin your day if he combos you (which monster doesn't though…).

Posted the quest, shot SOS flair because why not, right? Never expected anyone to join since who would want to do Tempered Deviljho with randoms…? Boy, was I wrong.

Within two minutes, 3 people joined and that's when the fun began. To put it simply, nonstop traps and buffs and everything you can imagine! I used Deviljho HH, so did one other hunter, another one used Kirin's LBG, and last guy used a GS.

Two of the hunters spammed shock traps and pitfall traps, and when Deviljho got trapped, someone spammed paralysis knifes (or maybe the Kirin LBG user spammed para shots? Not sure if the weapon supports them), followed by big barrel bombs and big barrel bombs+. The whole battle area was pretty much a fireworks show. As soon as he escaped the trap, flash bangs like you wouldn't imagine! Felt like I was at some rave…


I myself buffed the group with the health boost, defense boost, and attack boost quite often, more then I expected (I'm pretty sure that the song buffs last shorter and shorter with every use. Felt like it). The problem though, was picking the right moments to hit the notes and play the HH without getting hit. But apparently, that wasn't an issue at all…

358 buffs and heals applied. That's right! 3-5-8 total for the hunt! As soon as one of us got hit, he/she spammed heal powder and any other item that heals the group! At one point, I just got co*ky and went up to Deviljho's face to play and execute my HH songs.

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There were also times when some of us set up affinity and health boosters at the same time, next to one another, and the place looked like some kind of an exotic, colorful, oasis. All I could say to that was, "Damn…" I never realized how glorious the scene could look with 4+ boosters.

At the end, we captured Deviljho. None of us carted once, and I'm certain that such an epic hunt will probably never happen again. I almost shed a tear after experiencing something so majestic and wonderful. Like the title states, hunt of my life. And what a way to kick off the event!

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