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Wulgs Ecology: why there’s little to no chance we’ll see a Great Wulg

MonsterHunterWorld5 - Wulgs Ecology: why there’s little to no chance we’ll see a Great Wulg

Usual little disclaimer, English is not my native language, there might be some mistakes, please be kind o/

So during this first row of the beta, I’ve written an article describing my character discovery of the Hoarfrost Reach (in french but the pictures are nice:
t5140 carnets du nouveau monde premiere exploration du givre eternel#16799 - Wulgs Ecology: why there’s little to no chance we’ll see a Great Wulg , might try to translate it if you're interested). While I was desperately trying to get the right picture to illustrate some parts, I’ve had plenty of times to examine almost all of the monsters, big or smalls. This analysis of course included the Wulgs, which really grabbed my attention.

The Wulgs are small fanged wyverns covered in fur. They live in organized packs and seems to be more intelligent than your classic small monster. On the ground level of the Reach, you can often see individuals wandering around alone. They’re scouts, patrolling the area in search of food or to keep threats in check.

Picture of a Wulg doing so:

When there’s a threat, they try to keep their distances and growl, trying to scare it. If attacked, they can unleash a hooked claw. They then jump on the threat, making it fall with their hook before climbing on it and limiting its movement while trying to bite. If they can’t overpower the opponent (that’s you usually), they scream to call reinforcement. Other Wulgs get out of the snow and comes at the rescue, trying to kill the so-called threat.

Picture of a Wulg grabbing a hunter and calling for help, I'll try to get one with the hooked claws out next week-end:

Wulgs are scavengers. They usually feasts on Beotodus remains. As soon as Beotodus finishes its meals (RIP Popo), some Wulgs appear out of the snow and come eating the carcass before disappearing once again in the snow. If the food is scarce, they may try to ambush a small prey and hunters counts as such. That’s why randomly you can get attacked by a pack of Wulgs digging out of the snow.


Wulgs eating a Popo killed by a Beotodus:

As you can see, Wulgs appears on the ground level only to eat/hunt/defend their comrades. So where do they live? In area 9, there’s a small pack of 3 Wulgs. Since they sleep here and becomes immediately aggressive against any intruders, I think it’s safe to bet it’s their nest.

Said Wulgs sleeping in their nest:

A group of 4 can also be found in area 10 but that one is a mystery to me since they simply seems to wander here without much goal. Maybe they’re guards preventing intruders to reach the nest.

Said group trying to scare a Banbaro (they did the same against Tigrex later):

My point in the end is that, yeah, there’s little to no chance we’ll see a great Wulg. Their society is overall well established and there wouldn’t be careful scouts at ground level if an alpha could do the same without much danger. Plus if there’s a great Wulg, it would have already been showed if it’s a Great Jagras level monster. With Beotodus being the first Reach monster we meet, I think it’s a safe bet that it’s way more dangerous than a Great Jagras level monster.

But there’s still some chances. Since the Great Wulg won’t be in the Reach all the time during your hunts, the scouts patrols can be a solution when it’s not in the map. And due to the mammalian appearance of Wulgs, the great Wulg could be based on an unusual skeleton, the Odogaron one, making it a far more dangerous opponent than a simple Great Jagras. It would then spawn later in our exploration, which would make some sense. For further proofs supporting that theory, Wulgs and Odogaron share a strong tail, a long serpentine body and specialized claws (Odogaron claws are used to shred the flesh while Wulgs ones are hooked to grab).

I hope my analysis of this small but interesting fanged wyvern caught your attention and you’ll take a closer look at them next week-end. Until then, have a good hunt!

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