Monster Hunter World

Yet Another Bug Staff Concept (Ranged Weapon)

MonsterHunterWorld3 - Yet Another Bug Staff Concept (Ranged Weapon)


A long rod containing a canister of very small insects, quite similar to the ones used for the tracking of Monsters. Through select breeding and a strict diet, these small bugs have been weaponized, creating an illusion of magic casting wizardy.


  • R Button: Fire Pollen (Lasts 1 Minute)

  • L Button: Aiming Reticle

  • Triangle: Frequency A

  • Circle Button: Frequency B

  • Tri + Circle: Frequency C


Like with the insect glaive, the Kinstaff can (and in this case, must) fire bursts of pollen to mark parts of a monster that one desires to focus on.

Each Kinstaff has a unique list of "Kinstrikes" it can utilize, much like a hunting horn's song book.

The Kinstaff is a mid-ranged weapon that requires the player to stay within 1-6 rolls away from a monster. Frequency sequences require timed button presses to put out respectable damage. Depending on how well your timing was, your attacks will gain bonus percentile raw and element buffs.

After completing a frequency sequence, the swarm will perform the corresponding kinstrike on the pollen marked spot.

Frequency Accuracy Effect: +15% raw, +20% Element per perfectly matched frequency note.

Kinstrike List

Each Kinstaff has four kinstrikes picked from this list. Different kinstrikes stack on eachother, they don't prevent others from being used.

  • Swarm: 5 MV * 5 (25), (36 Perfect). Swarm quickly rushes in and bites the target point.

  • Burst: 30 MV, (43 Perfect) Swarm rushes in a condensed form and bursts on impact. This attack has a small amount of KO damage.

  • Needle: 10 MV, (14 Perfect) usually a fast, easy sequence to perform through rapid presses.

  • Lingering Swarm: 4 Mv per second. (6 Perfect). Gets stronger each time it's performed by 10% (up to 100%), 20% for perfect sequences. Dissipates after pollen fades.

  • Bomb: 12 Mv, (17 Perfect). Functions as delayed damage, performing this attack over and over again keeps stacking the damage on that point, and when the pollen fades, it's all released at once.

  • Blind: 2 Mv, (3 Perfect). Applies flash bomb effect lasting 6 seconds, +2 per perfect sequence. Each use of this makes the effect last 2 seconds less, up to an 8 second penalty. (Must be used on head)

  • Tenderize: 6 Mv (8 Perfect), Makes a body part take 5% more damage, +5% per perfect tick (up to 20%). Casting again does damage to this part again. Fades with pollen.

  • Infest: 4 Mv per second (6 Perfect). Attacks put out by this part of the body deal 5% less damage, +5% per perfect sequence up to 30%. Casting again causes 3 rapid damage ticks.

  • Scattered Swarm: 6 Mv*8 (48), (69 Perfect. Bugs quickly and blindly rush in, ticking damage randomly between marked point and nearby parts.

  • Guard Swarm: 25 Mv, (36 Perfect). Up to six swarms can be summoned. When an attack from the marked part strikes you or nearly strikes you, all swarms quickly rush in and bombard the target.

(Possibly More Options, feel free to make your own!)

Gameplay Niche

This weapon introduces a engaging summoner type mid-ranged playstyle. Elements would function like bow, being integrated into the staff itself.

The kinstaff, having relatively lower to medium levels of damage, would really focus a lot on timing, rythm, and mark management, while requiring the player to stick around the monster to keep up DPS.

I feel all these systems combined would create a very unique gameplay versus the other weapons, and it WILL NOT appeal to everyone (which is fine, weapons shouldnt fit ALL playstyles).

It'd feel like a whole new game, focused on rythm and time management. Look forward to reading ya'lls thoughts.

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