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Your unpopular opinions regarding monsters

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I was wondering what are people's opinions that are in total opposite with the majority of the fanbase. I'm talking in general about the entire franchise: World, MHGU, Frontier, Stories ecc…

Do you like a monsters that many dislike or ignore? Do you dislike a fa-favourite? Feel free to write here below, anyway please don't start a flame war in the comments just because monster X has been offended or something like that.

Personally I have several "strange" opinions, so I'd pick the most recent one: Jyuratodus.

I honestly like it, it is a nice medium-low monster and one of the few monsters I really like to farm even though it doesn't give me nice decorations or streamstones.

It's also the second true mud monster in the franchise (it was about time) and its rivalry with Barroth is pretty nice. Also its existence adds some pretty interesting implications to Lavasioth evolutionary line.


I also like how savage it was in the intro cutscene, too bad gameplay-wise they made it look a lot weaker… hopefully in a G-rank expansion or future games it will receive a better moveset or better AI that doesn't make it allways in "Swim mode".

Anyway I see why people may prefere something more original and particular like a Valstrax, though one thing I like about MH is the coexistence of crazy creature that clearly came out of a fantasy game (Atoraru Ka, Glavenus, Eruzerion ecc…) and other that you would think may have been real animals (Bulldrome, G.Jaggi ecc…)

Though I'm still confused why they left that very japanese game instead of translating it like they did with Plesioth or Lavasioth.


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