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“Zombie Slayer” – Gearing up for Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak

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ATVH will be arriving this week, and I can't wait to see what kind of different moves it'll bring into battle, and what kind of skills it's gamma armor set will possess. I'm no expert when it comes to fighting Vaal Hazak, but this is a simple bow build I put together:

Atk Augment x3 + Atk Lv7 + Fire Atk Lv3 + Normal Shots + Bow Charge Plus: Although MHW has kindly given us many critical skill options (weakness exploit, crit boost, crit elem, crit eye, etc.) as I've equipped with my other builds, I wanted to try stacking up the raw atk and the fire atk on the Anja bow. The fire atk caps at 510, but I don't have space to slot in one more fire atk deco. Not the most DPS route, but this is something that I wanted to try out.


Constitution Lv3: Majority of the bow builds I've seen and read, seem to run the Fitness Charm 3 and Dash Juice combo. I guess it's the meta for maintaining stamina with the bow. It works for me as well.

Effluvia Res Lv3: Without a question, a necessity. But I still have nulberries in my pouch to share with forgetful friends, and unprepared random hunters.

Rathalos Mastery – Critical Element: A by-product skill. With the negative affinity on the Anja bow, this skill will never proc XP

Peak Performance: An extra skill from one of my armor pieces. Unfortunately useless within the Rotten Vale.

Feel free to share your comments, opinions, or your own builds in preparations for fighting ATVH. Good luck and happy hunting!

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