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Zorah Magdaros quests are the worst

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Or am I just terrible? I'm about 60 hours in the game, having a really great time. Just completed "A Colossal Task" quest. Is it just me or are the Zorah Magdaros quests up to this point kind of dumb and confusing? The last Zorah quest was "One For the History Books". Mild spoilers below…

So for these missions, I'm just like on the back of Zorah Magdaros and I walk around aimlessly… I hit the triangles of lava (lava cores) a few times and then I walk around more because I'm not really sure if I'm hurting it. I mine some minerals off his back and then wait until the timer goes to the next event. I never 'blew up or killed' the lava cores. and i tried to shoot the stalactites with my slinger like the handler kept shouting, but I couldn't get any of them to fall. Then I got lost on Zorah's back, basically just climbed straight up and sideways for 20 minutes while apparently Nergigante was attacking somewhere, but I never saw him nor could I get to him. Finally, I end up somewhere like a cave and there's another magma core down there. I walk down and I guess we're magically at the border because the scene cuts and then I'm on the border. And that part was okay, shooting cannons and waiting until the sequence to end… but am I the only one who feel these quests are the worst? Am I just not in the right spots? I imagine there's more missions like this in the future, so any tips to actually enjoy them would be appreciated!! Should I follow a guide for these missions?


Just venting a bit, because I'm having a great time with the game, but when these missions come up… take me right out of it. I feel like I'm doing them wrong or just wasting my time.

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