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Overwatch1 - 2CP redux

I've been thinking of ways I'd personally like to change how 2cp is played in order to make it more fun to play for everyone, while the idea I ended up having sounds, on paper at least, fairly like KOTH it is different and would have very different team play.

This is basically a completely different game mode but it would still fall under the name of 2cp.

both points are unlocked at all times, team one (known as attacking team in current 2cp) has its spawn location set as the 2nd point attacking spawn. Team 2 (old style defending team) will just use the usual defence spawn.

Each team starts with the closest point to their spawn already capped, however, both teams can cap both points. So 2cp becomes a semi capture the flag like game with defending of your home turf and attacking the enemies home. If you have both points your score climbs faster, it would obviously be difficult to hold both points seeing as the losing team will always have a spawn advantage, this also opens up sombra back capping in order to help your team out, you're not going to want to stay and hold the enemies base if yours is being taken, that's just going to be pointless.


As 2CP is, let's be honest, no one wants to play it. The maps are cool, they looks nice and tend to have some nice verticality to then that is always fun to play with but the mode itself blows. That's not the fault of blizzard, how are they to know it would be this infuriating to play before they made it? They have made changes and it's definitely a better game type than it used to be but, in my opinion (and in anyone else I've spoken to it about) it's just not there yet and I'm not sure it ever will be.

I'm not making this post in order to ask blizzard to try this. We don't need to do that. I'm asking if anyone out there has the ability to make this in the work shop? While I plan to give it ago I highly doubt I'll have any luck getting it to work right as the best thing I've made so far is mcrollo and that always just ends up being mcrees rolling around like sonic half the game. It's not good.

If anyone's thinks this might be something they can make and would be willing to work with me to try and get it built so we can have some test games of it please let me know in the comments and I'll send over my discord. If not and this post goes unseen then poop banana fart hippo.

Good day.

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