3 Hero Concepts, one for each role.

Overwatch8 - 3 Hero Concepts, one for each role.

Hello and thank you for looking at my Overwatch hero concepts! Without any actual way to test the damage numbers listed below I have estimated them to somewhat reasonable levels. All of the damage numbers will probably be either too high or too low and I am more than happy to receive any feedback in order to improve the concepts. All criticism is welcome in fact I invite it. Thanks again! Sorry for the formatting and any punctuation issues, English is in fact my first language but I am lazy.

Dps – AOE focused

Primary WeaponAcid Shotgun is a shotgun that fires slugs that deal 60 at a rate of 1 per .7 seconds equal to that of Roadhog or Ashe (when she is ads) primary fire is affected by armor damage reduction. Secondary fire draws from the same ammo pool dealing 50 damage over .8 seconds to armor and 30 damage over .8 seconds to unarmored targets in a radius of 3 meters.

Ability 1Acid Cloud (12 second cool down), a cloud of semi translucent acid that is strong when fired into a crowd. Acid Cloud deals 200 damage over its entire duration of 6 seconds. It’s primary use will be as a zoning tool in order to prevent a team from pushing a choke allowing your team to regroup in the 6 second window, or as a method of splitting supports off from tanks mid team fight. The cool down for Acid Cloud starts after the cloud has dissipated.

Ability 2Critical Formula (10 second cool down), for 5 seconds each shot from Acid Shotgun crits for 1.5 times damage totaling to 80 for primary fire. Critical Formula also increases secondary fires radius to 5 meters and increases its total damage to 75 vs armor and 45 to targets without armor.

UltimateDeath Link, Target an enemy hero and mark him for death, any allies within a 6 meter radius share damage with the target taking 30% of all incoming damage. This ability is best used when combined with movement restricted abilities or within smaller areas that make it harder to distance yourself from the hero afflicted with death mark.

Tank – Off tank utility

Primary WeaponKusarigama, a bladed chain weapon with a weight at the handle end allowing for intricate and unpredictable strikes. A close range melee weapon extending 6 meters in front of the user. If you strike a single target the Kusarigama deals 80 damage every .8 seconds making it a very potent weapon in a duel scenario. However for every additional target struck the damage dealt is reduced by ½ so if two target are struck they each take 40 damage this caps out at a minimum of 20 damage per target at a rate of 1 swing per .8 seconds. These numbers may need to be adjusted as they may be to high or low, however with no proper way to test this I estimated the damage numbers that wouldn't be shockingly potent to a group of enemies while maintaining a large threat for squishy characters in a 1v1

Ability 1(Needs a name) (15 second cool down), Bind yourself to an ally allowing them to interact with you for 5 seconds. Upon an ally using the interact key (teleport key) they will be pulled towards you, the ally is not immune to crowd control effects or damage while traveling to you allowing for the enemy team to punish accordingly. Players can get really creative with the use of (insert name) and use it in combination with Cross slash in order to pull your team's main tank into the enemy back line or any other team mate for that matter.

Ability 2Cross Slash (8 second cool down), Dash 7 meters in a straight line dealing 30 damage. If you made contact with an enemy the ability resets allowing you to cast it again for an additional 30 damage, after 3 seconds the cool down reset ends cancelling your ability to dash again and putting the ability on a shorter cool down (6 seconds). With proper cool down management this ability has the potential to be way too strong especially when diving a back line as you can use this in combination with your primary weapon in order to one shot a Zen and get out safely. Numbers may need to be adjusted.


UltimateChain Wedding, Casting Chain Wedding puts the user into a channeling status for 3 seconds and inflicts everyone in a 10 meter radius under the chained status. After 3 seconds Chain Wedding finishes casting and drains the life of any enemy targets afflicted by 100 hit points Chain Wedding then transfers the hp to any allies within the 10 meter radius. Really strong mid fight potential not to be taken lightly, however without proper coordination the enemy team should have more than enough time to escape requiring the player to get creative with the use of chain wedding.

Support – Sustained Healing

Primary Weapon“Water Gun”, Automatic Rifle that shoots water filled rounds that burst on impact with a target coating them with water at a rate of 9 rounds per second. Each shot deals 6-16 damage at a falloff of 30-50 meters. This has the same damage drop off ranges as Soldier 76 however this hero deals 4 damage less than soldier at max efficiency they also share a rate of fire, however since this is a support hero having less damage output is made up for by the rest of their kit.

Passive – Adaptive Footwear, (Hero Name)'s footwear adapt to the terrain around them in order to optimize movement. Any terrain hit by the players primary fire becomes wet for 10 seconds allowing you to skate /glide across it increasing your move speed by 1.5 while on water. The speed increase is not a multiplier it is a straight addition of 1.5 movement speed. I would imagine this hero’s base movement speed to be in line with most of the heroes in the game at 5.5 meters per second, adding the passive movement speed buff would put them at 7.5 meters per second making them one of the fastest heroes in the game as long as you are able to maintain maximum uptime on watered terrain.

Ability 1Support Drones, 3 Support Drones that can be distributed among your team each one healing for 10 health per second. Each of the drones can be distributed to a teammate functioning similar to Zenyatta's healing orb cutting off the healing if line of sight has been broken, however stacking the drones amps the effects as the drones are working together to increasing the total healing output at 2 drones on a single target to 25 health per second, when all 3 drones are working together on a single target the healing is maxed out at 40 health per second (10 more than Zen and 10 less than Mercy).

Ability 2Combat Drones (10 second cool down), Deploy 2 Combat Drones to an area electrocuting the targets inside for 25 damage per second in an area of 7 meters. If the target is coated in water from your primary fire the damage of the drones is increased to 30 per second.The drones will each prioritize a different target assuming multiple enemies are in the field, the only time both drones will attack the same target is if there is only one target in the affected area stacking the damage for a total of 50 damage to “dry” targets and 60 to “wet” targets

UltimateRainstorm / Slippery Terrain, Change the tides of battle by altering the terrain around you. For 12 seconds the floor around you in a 15 meter radius gets covered in water slowing the movement speed of the enemy team by 1 and increase your team's speed by .5. Your personal movement speed is increased by 1.5 due to your passive.

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