9NPEM – Freakwatch: 1v11 Boss Fights (Based off TF2’s Freak Fortress)

Overwatch1 - 9NPEM - Freakwatch: 1v11 Boss Fights (Based off TF2's Freak Fortress)

IMPORTANT NOTE!: Not all of the code in the game mode is made by me, credits go to (along with sources lifted):

  • A Shrew's Berry (Teslar Bomber's Soulscream

    & Polter Freakman's

  • u/Trappi (Multi-directional Saxton Hale rocket punch & Polter Freakman's grasp)
  • Xerx (Saxton Hale's Superjump)
  • u/AgentParsec (All of Nopeferatu's Vampirism)
  • Unknown (Part of Superhot's Timeslow & Some Clean Up UNIT stats )


tl;dr: 1v11 Boss Gamemode but each boss has different and new abilities, and gameplay styles along with it.

Freakwatch is a gamemode inspired by TF2's VSH/FF2, where the Clean Up UNIT must take care and eliminate the Freak (the big bad boss) 10 times, whilst the Freak's goal is to eliminate 50 Clean Up UNIT Personnel. The damage of the Clean Up UNIT scales with their numbers, with around 200% damage done at just 1 slot, 100% damage done at 6 slots, and 54% damage done if all 11 Clean Up UNIT slots are full, which can allow for fun without a necessary requirement for more players to fill slots. Information on the Freak is located on the top left and is available to all players, showing their name, strengths in blue, weaknesses in red, and misc. in white. Knowing what a boss does and how they succeed is vital for all players for them to adapt to and perform better. The Clean Up UNIT has access to a special ability called "Re-strategize", in-which by pressing the Interact key (defaulted to F) and having full health, cooldowns, and not moving, they're able to change heroes without giving a point to the enemy, which can become a key factor into countering what I'm going into next… our Freaks. The Freak is what you expect to be a boss, an enemy with a large health pool and time to kill (most of the time), around a minute on average. The Freak has access to 20 different heroes/forms, each with their own playstyle, abilities, strengths, weaknesses, and dumb overused gimmicks, so no two Freaks are the same. With a wide variety to choose from, its hard to pick from the following 10 examples:

  • Teslar Bomber (Tracer): Builds ultimate insanely quickly on damage and chucks bombs when they find an opportunity, their speed is increased dependant on their ultimate charge and they have access to a double jump. They also have a new ability that allows them to launch a Soulscream projectile to slow, burn, and lifeleech a target. However, throwing bombs stuns Teslar Bomber and when hit, they lose their ultimate.
  • Astronaut (Pharah): Heals on hit, heals damage taken from self, and passively heals overtime, alongside having a new ultimate which gives them an all-stats up. Huston has a problem, he's stuck with low gravity and cannot use the jetpack.
  • General Dread (Bastion): Has access to a permanent tank form, and by pressing Ability 1, they are able to charge in a straight line, running over and damaging all in his way (jaywalkers). However, like most tanks are (I think), they have the speed of watching paint dry on growing grass, which can be made-up with charging or rocket jumping.
  • Doctor Doctor (Reaper): When a Clean Up UNIT Personnel is invisible, dead, or melee'd by Reaper, they are infected. Infected Clean Up UNIT crew are contagious whilst Doctor Doctor is alive and will infect nearby members if they don't properly social distance. If a majority of people are infected, Doctor Doctor awakes Salem's most feared god: Pestilence, and can wreck havoc on the opposing forces for 10 seconds without taking a scratch. While as sick as this character may be, Doctor Doctor deals significantly less damage than other bosses whilst not Pestilence.
  • Mr. Secret Agent Man (Sombra): A spine-chilling foe that kills instantly on a melee hit to the back, and alongside getting some health back and a speed boost on backstab, they also get an extra point to their collection (which… makes sense?). They also have limited invisibility.
  • Headless Horseish Horseman (Orisa): 1 Random Clean Up UNIT Personnel is selected as the target, and Orisa knows the location of their target. If the target dies under any circumstance, the whole Clean Up UNIT will take damage equal to their max health, putting pressure on characters like Wrecking Ball or Roadhog. The Horseman can also melee their target to mark them for death, by hacking, burning, and biotic grenading them, and just as it feels like it won't get any worse, if a target is able to distance themselves immensely from the Horseman, they have a custom ability that allows them to get a new target. At a cost of this one-horse merry-go-round, Orisa deals much less damage to non-targets and the custom ability replaces HALT!.
  • SAXTON HALE! (Doomfist): Saxton Hale returns, as he has a multi-directional rocket punch, a rage mechanic that replaces his ultimate similar to VSH. He also has access to his patent superjump and does more damage whilst in the air, and just like his TF2 Counterpart, he's a punching only character, having no primary fire.
  • Polter Freakman (Moira): A ghost amidst enemy combat, being able to pickup or push anything with a soul and fling them around like a toy, and when Freakman is at their strength (ie. no cooldown on fade), they can launch the sucker into their own teammates for heavy damage.
  • Christan Brutal (Hanzo): A master duelist and archer, only accepting his wounds inflicted in front of them, as wounds taken from the back are only from cowards and cheats. Refuses to show his true strength except towards the young and exotic.
  • Gengu the Eyeless (Genji): Invisible foes. Speaks only in haikus, Freak. Wait a second here…

And 10 more unlisted foes to face or playables to… play. Not every Freak is super complicated and requires to read the top left, such Pharah, Hanzo, and some of the unlisted Freaks, but play what you want to play and have fun! The gamemode was playtested both in a small controlled group and with random people, and after nearly a month of first hopping onto the workshop with no prior experience to make this gamemode, I'm safe to say this gamemode is currently in a release (or atleast playable) state. With everything out of the way and if you're still reading, I hope you enjoy my gamemode.

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