A Random Fact you (Probably) Didn’t Know About Each Playable Hero

Overwatch7 - A Random Fact you (Probably) Didn't Know About Each Playable Hero
  • Tracer's abilities are not inherent. A common mistake made by many Overwatch Fan-Fiction writers is that Tracer naturally has her abilities. This is not the case. Tracer's abilities result from a teleportation accident that left her desynchronized from the flow of time, causing her to fade in and out of existence. Winston devised a chronal accelerator (the device you see on her chest in her default skin) to keep her anchored to the present, it's this device that gives Tracer her powers.
  • Symmetra is autistic. I don't blame you if you didn't know this one, because it kind of caught me by surprise too. Symmetra is on the autism spectrum, this is alluded to in her comic "A Better World."
  • The Tattoo under Pharah's eye is a symbol of protection. You may have noticed the "eye of horus" tattoo underneath Pharah's right eye. In her comic "Mission Statement," it is revealed that Pharah got the tattoo because her mother Ana wore a similar tattoo under her left eye and Pharah believed it to be a symbol of protection. In that same comic, she learned that it is actually to help her protect the ones she loves.
  • Hanzo was the one who injured Genji. Hanzo was the one who originally gave Genji the injuries that ultimately resulted in Genji becoming a cyborg. Hanzo would later be consumed by this guilt and leave the Shimada Clan, only returning home once every year to honor Genji. (even though Genji was still alive )
  • Reaper was in the Soldier Enhancement Program alongside Soldier; 76. Going by the callsign "Soldier; 24," Reaper, or Gabriel Reyes as he was known then, was in the Soldier Enhancement Program alongside Soldier; 76, or Jack Morrison, and they were both the American representatives on the original Overwatch strike team. Even though Reyes was Morrison's superior, he was passed up for commanding Overwatch in favor of Morrison. This is the root of their divide that would ultimately result in the downfall of Overwatch.
  • Winston is from the moon. Winston was one of the animal subjects kept on the Horizon Lunar Colony to study the long-term effects of low gravity on humans. He was a particular favorite of the scientist Harold Winston, which is where Winston gets his name. Dr. Winston and all the other scientists on the colony were killed when the other animals, mostly gorillas, got tired of being subject to genetic experiments and revolted. Winston didn't partake in the revolution and escaped to Earth, not suspecting his friend Hammond was in tow.
  • Torbjorn lost his arm during a mission. Torbjorn lost his arm in an Overwatch mission code-named "white dome." The mission's purpose was to eliminate a small pocket of Omnic resistance in Istanbul that had been giving conventional troops some trouble. The mission went sideways and Torbjorn was severely injured, loosing his left arm. Reinhardt saved Torbjorn, and in exchange, Torbjorn let Reinhardt be the godfather of and name Torbjorns unborn daughter, whom Reinhardt named "Brigitte."
  • Bastion's bird has a name. You know that cute bird that hangs around with Bastion? It actually has a name, it's called "Ganymede." I'm not certain where that name comes from, but it was building a nest on Bastion's shoulder when Bastion mysteriously came back online.
  • Mercy is basically immune to aging. Yeah, this is another one that caught me by surprise, too. In Ana's origin story trailer, you can see Mercy hanging out over Torbjorn's shoulder. Yet in the game, she doesn't look like she's aged a day. This is because Mercy's Valkyrie suit is one of the most medically advanced pieces of technology in the world. It can cure most illnesses, heal most injuries, and can even delay the aging process. Mind blown.
  • Widowmaker used to be a ballet dancer. Before she became Widowmaker, everyone's favorite sniper in Overwatch was known as Amelie Lacroix. She used to be a ballet dancer married to the Overwatch agent Gerard Lacroix. Talon, the main antagonists of Overwatch's story, tried several times to kill Gerard, but failed. They then brainwashed Amelie to get her close to Gerard, who then killed him in her sleep. After Talon reacquired her, they then completed the brainwashing and subjected her to multiple genetic experiments, turning her into the blue, cold-blooded killer she is now.
  • Zenyatta believes the Omnics have souls. Ever wondered why Zenyatta looks like a Buddhist Monk? That's actually because he's part of a religious sect of Omnics that believe that the Omnics have souls. (who knew robots could be religious?) He disagreed with his order's ways of spreading this belief through dogmatic teaching, and believed the way to heal the wounds of the Omnic Crisis was through interpersonal connection and engagement. He ultimately left the order over this disagreement, hence his voiceline on Nepal; "I wonder if I am still welcome here."
  • Reinhardt wasn't originally supposed to be on the Overwatch team. Believe it or not, Reinhardt wasn't supposed to be the German representative on the original Overwatch strike team. That honor would've gone to Reinhardt's commanding officer, Commander Baldrich. Before Baldrich's death at the battle of Eichenwald, he named Reinhardt to be his replacement, which is how Reinhardt got onto the strike team.
  • Zarya used to be a professional weightlifter. Zarya was a professional weightlifter in Russia after the end of the Omnic Crisis. When the second Crisis started in Siberia, and Zarya's home town threatened, she gave up her career to fight on the frontlines.
  • Junkrat found something inside the Australian Omnium. Junkrat claims to have found something inside the ruins of the Australian Omnium. What exactly it is, no one knows, and it's implied in his bio on the Overwatch website that it's not even a physical item, stating only that it's some "secret."
  • Soldier; 76 is the target of a manhunt. After Overwatch's downfall and his supposed "death," Jack Morrison, now going by his old callsign of Soldier; 76, began raiding old Overwatch storage depots to find out why the organization collapsed, which is how he got his Pulse Rifle, biotic field generator, and tactical visor. He was seen on one of the security cameras, making him the number one most wanted man in the world.
  • Roadhog blew up of the Australian Omnium. Roadhog used to be part of Australian Liberation Front, a group of people that were angry with Australian government's handling of Omnic relations. The war between the ALF and Omnics continued to escalate until the ALF blew up the Omnium in the Australian outback, which was the Omnic's main city in Australia. It's unclear if Roadhog was on the mission that blew up the Omnium. (though personally, I don't think he was, as given the method they used was to blow up the Omnium's fusion reactor, any such attempt would've been a suicide mission)
  • McCree used to be a criminal. McCree was part of the Deadlock Gang, a small group of Bandits that would raid all over the American southwest. McCree was arrested in a sting operation by Overwatch's black-ops division, Blackwatch. Gabriel Reyes then gave McCree a choice; join Blackwatch or rot in prison. As you might've guessed, McCree chose the former option.
  • Lucio's father worked for Vishkar. Lucio's father worked for the Vishkar corporation, which is the same corporation Symmetra works for, and he developed Vishkar's sonic amplification technology as well as it's hard light technology. Lucio would steal the former and use it to kick Vishkar out of Rio de Janeiro.
  • D.Va was a professional gamer. D.Va was a professional gamer with a particular affinity for Starcraft. When the Gwishin Omnic began adapting to the Korean military and threatened Busan, D.Va was one of five pilots recruited to the MEKA program to stop it, where her quick reflexes and advanced tactical thinking could swing fights in the team's favor, the other four being other notable professional gamers such as King, Casino, Overlord, and D.Mon. (who was on the same team as D.Va at one point, hence their similar handles)
  • Mei cryogenically froze herself. Mei used to be a climatologist who worked for Overwatch before the organization's collapse, and was stationed at a climate monitoring station called Ecopoint; Antarctica. A large storm struck the area just before the base was about to receive a critical resupply, and it was decided that the team would cryogenically freeze themselves until a rescue mission could be mounted. That mission never came, and all of the cryopods failed one by one until only Mei was left. Mei's cryopod revived her after nearly ten years, and after realizing what had happened in the intervening time and that the rest of her team was dead, escaped the facility on foot.
  • Genji's cybernetic body was built by Mercy. After Genji's battle with Hanzo left him near-dead, he was saved by Mercy. At the time, Mercy hadn't perfected the technology that allowed her to heal and resurrect people, not that it would've helped much anyway. So instead, Overwatch offered to build him a cybernetic replacement, and in exchange, Genji would help Overwatch dismantle the Shimada clan's criminal operations. Genji agreed to this deal, and over the course of his service to Blackwatch, he and Mercy would become close friends.
  • Ana's weapon runs on the same technology that powers Mercy's staff. Ana's biotic rifle uses the same kind of nanites that Mercy's staff emits whenever she heals or damage buffs someone. However, Ana's rifle was created against Mercy's wishes.
  • Sombra's real name. It was revealed in the Zarya-centric comic "searching" that Zarya knows Sombra's real name; Olivia Colomar. It's unknown how Zarya knows that name, but from Sombra's reaction, it's pretty obvious that Sombra made sure that it would be impossible to find out her real name.
  • Orisa used to be a security bot at the Numbani airport. Orisa was an OR-15 defense bot that was charged with defending the city of Numbani. She was heavily damaged when Doomfist attacked Numbani's airport, only to be restored by the child genius, Efi Oladele.
  • Doomfist's arm is cybernetic. Underneath Doomfist's gauntlet is a prosthetic arm. Doomfist lost his original arm in a match when he was a professional fighter. Although he was wealthy enough to afford a prosthetic, the incident effectively put an end to his fighting career.
  • Moira devised the genetic augmentations that turned Gabriel Reyes into Reaper. It's heavily implied in Moira's origin story trailer and the Retribution event that Moira gave Gabriel Reyes the genetic augmentations that turned him into Reaper. Whether the use of these abilities, the mixture with the Soldier Enhancement co*ktail already in Reyes's system, or some third component turned him into Reaper is unknown.
  • Brigitte is a very capable engineer. Just like her father Torbjorn, Brigitte is a very capable engineer. Unlike Torbjorn however, who favors building offensive weaponry, Brigitte has shown an affinity for shields and armor. (okay, me saying that makes me want Brigitte as an Engineer in Elite Dangerous now)
  • Wrecking Ball used to participate in Junkertown battles. Hammond, who pilots his mech Wrecking Ball, used to participate in Junkertown mech battles, which was a popular sport in the area. He was named the reigning champion by the queen of Junkertown, but was largely introverted and kept to himself. (I'd do that too, if I were a genetically modified hamster in an area that hates anything that isn't human)
  • Ashe is rich. Ashe comes from a very wealthy family, and her parents were highly sought after as business consultants. Ashe was a bit of a troublemaker when she was young, and would eventually leave her family with McCree and the family's omnic butler, Bob. The three would eventually co-found the Deadlock gang. After McCree joined Blackwatch, Ashe would keep an image of McCree in the gang's hideout on the dartboard.

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