A year experience of OW with cochlear implant!

Overwatch10 - A year experience of OW with cochlear implant!

Hello people,I just want to tell you some experience. I am deaf and I hear through my cochlear implant.

I managed a some months ago that I can hear more precisely ingame. I have nucleus mini wireless microphone 2+ which connect to my cochlear implant. This device act as microphone (which help to understand teacher or people in noisy place better and regulate my volume of speech, I often speak loudly without that) and as headset (to connect to mobile, computer and TV).

Thank of that I can hear everything in game and recognize some ult like junk ult, Dva's voice "nerf this", footstep, reaper's "die die die", gunshot.. everything.

I have managed to make my mic to connect my mobile which act as mic to my computer using WO mic Client.

It helped me a lot and I have escaped bronze 1100 SR now I am in 1800-2200 SR and it always oscillate.

It seems very nice but there is issue, let me explain.

  1. English isn't my native language (my native is some slavic language, *doing slavic squat). I know to speak English, but not entirely perfect that is not big issue. I play mostly EU and sometimes America server. But I find that I understand another player very hardly in voice match like >85% player, I don't know why. I understand English speaking movie actor more more better than player from Overwatch. This issue is same with EU and America server but in EU player is mostly muted (if not muted I better understand player usually from UK, well learned English speaker from Germany and Scandinavia). I really don't know how I can improve listening English in OW from another player, sometimes their mic is very quiet sometimes there is some buzz sound and speaking unclear. I hope that I'm not alone with that struggles with listening.
  2. Sometimes player tend to be very unfriendly (toward to deaf people and people with disabilities aaaand even toward to girls I guess after I read complain here.. i mean especially in r/Overwatch). EU and America have different story, you know EU is muted and America is openly and harshly insult to me telling that deaf people must not play OW aaand I remind them that they are in same rank where I am xD (buuuurn oh hell yeah! Gib me margarita cocktail). Mostly I don't tell them that I am deaf with cochlear implant and continue to play. If they flaming me I usually ignore or giving some words that burn them figuratively.
  3. In my experience team voice not always leads to victory, I had multiple victories without team voice with HIGH awareness of teammate for examples: playing Zarya if you see someone is danger sent bubble, playing Mercy trying to healing everyone who have HP under 80% and keep flying around to survive, playing Rein supporting vulnerable dps and healer and giving them chances to survive, shield bash or flash Reaper/Moira/Rein ult, protecting another player from Mcree and Pharah ult, transedence/teleport escape(Symm, yeah it is possible) from Zarya ult… Reporting your ult status and saying "Understood" and always expect what your team will do. If you are alone, RETREAT, if you are in danger or feel in danger RETREAT. I see most player lack feeling of danger. Always estimate your situation. If you have problem with reaper, pick Mei or Pharah or Symm somewhat counter reaper better, If you have problem with Pharah pick any long range hero. Do not switch role unannounced. I call that EFFECTIVE COOPERATION. Please don't blame deaf person and telling them that they should not play OW, it is your/team fault.
  4. MY SUGGESTION: Blizzard should to make OW to be more accessibility. I can tell what best suit for deaf people. Have in mind there is: absolute deaf person and deaf person with hearing aids. For absolute deaf player there must have visual option like ULT warning (Junk ult must have color green-far, red-near), footstep warning from behind (not giving hint which character), if player turned on that option all ingame sound must turned off because there might.. you know lazy hearing people willing abuse that. There must another second option which giving caption for voice from character like Zeny's "I dreamt i was a butterfly" and DVA's ult "Nerf this"..etc. And there must be third option which to give hint to another player with symbol near nametag that you are absolute deaf or deaf with hearing aid not because it will make game more easier without time spending explanation.

You can ask me anything or giving me good advice!

Have a nice day! Love ya guys!

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