After recently climbing to GM, the best advice I can offer is to NOT main DPS.

Overwatch10 - After recently climbing to GM, the best advice I can offer is to NOT main DPS.

After countless seasons of solo queuing and inconsistent winning/losing I’ve found an effective way to climb (for me). Gonna try to keep this short and simple with 3 main points.

  1. Do not “main” dps. I know everyone wants to be that “dps god” and make those plays that we all salivate over in YouTube montages. But you need to put that in perspective! Those are rare plays and it’s the small plays/your consistent decision making that are the truly important things required to win matches. This leads me to my next point.

  2. Practice/Get good at playing support/tank. Having a constantly strong main tank or main healer is so crucial to winning comp matches. There will ALWAYS be dps players that will join and insta-lock and they probably won’t even join voice chat! So instead, lock in on a healer and tank and try to stay as positive as you can in your comms. There’s NOTHING better then getting queued with a positive main tank/healer who has good comms! It will just do wonders for your teams synergy. Playing more tank/healer also makes it SOOO much more satisfying when you do get the chance to play dps.

  3. Duo with someone else that is willing to play the characters no one wants to play/is hungry to climb/has helpful and positive comms!

I consider myself to be an at least decent dps and I do have “all the golds” most times I play. But you have to learn that what the team needs is more important and your golds don’t mean shit in the long run! There’s always going to be a good dps player but it’s rare that you have a great tank/healer!

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