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Overwatch3 - All heroes' opinions on Overwatch

The recall of Overwatch was, in terms of the lore, an unsurprisingly controversial event. Playable heroes far and wide all have different opinions on the Overwatch organization, ranging from extremely good and high hopes to sincere curses and aims to drive Overwatch back into the very ground from which it was pushed into. In order to help clear the boundaries of who is who, here is a list of each Overwatch hero and how they feel about the organization (if such ideas are applicable)

Ana Amari: Neutral

"I never thought id see this place again." – Ana, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Ana is one of the strange reactions to the Overwatch organization and its recall. During its golden age, she was obviously one of the core leaders of the organization: and, as we all know, she was forced to go into hiding after getting shot in the eye by Widowmaker. However, ever since then, she has not expressed any open beliefs on the Overwatch organization since its shutdown. Even when she is in Watchpoint: Gibraltar, she doesn't seem to express any emotional feelings in her statements about the watchpoint, nor does she directly reference Overwatch.

Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe: Very Negative

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Ashe, well…this is one of the first obvious ones. She was one of the four founders of the Deadlock Gang, who Overwatch attempted to shut down. They even convinced one of her closest friends and fellow Deadlock Gang founder, Jesse McCree, to joining their ranks. So obviously when the organization that tried to ruin her empire comes back to life, it's going to spring up some bad news for her, especially since Jesse McCree is getting in on some of the action himself.

Jean-Baptiste Augustin: Unknown

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A current status on Baptiste's opinion of Overwatch is currently unrecognizable due to the fact that he has not been added in-game yet and the majority of his quotes are not found. Once more info is out, this portion of the post will be updated.

E-54 Bastion: Neutral

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Bastion is fairly neutral with Overwatch as an organization. In fact, they are kind of neutral with literally everything. The only thing they arent neutral about is Torbjorn and Brigitte, who they have positive views for since they helped upgrade Bastion…and Reinhardt and Zarya, who he is not so much of a fan of, as all they can bicker about when around him is how many of his units they have massacred. Ouch.

Brigitte Lindholm: Slightly Negative

"Papa told me after so many years of service, you gave Overwatch everything and then they pushed you out. Why would you go back to them?" – Brigitte to Reinhardt, Honor and Glory

Brigitte is openly criticizing of Overwatch. As Reinhardt's squire, she is kind of pissed at Overwatch over the fact that they forced Reinhardt into retirement after he spent his entire life (after joining the Crusaders of course) working for them. She felt Overwatch treated him as an outcast, and so she hated them for it. However, when Reinhardt told Brigitte of why he had to join back into the organization, and the vows that he made as a Crusader, she herself actually joined the organization, as although she hated them, she wanted to protect Reinhardt. Remember: just because you aren't evil does not mean you are a fan of Overwatch as an organization (you'll find some more characters with that trait later on).

Hana "DVa" Song: Unknown

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Hana is one of the strange cases as an Overwatch hero. She has no quotes relating to Overwatch whatsoever, whether it be in-game or in-cinematic. Its literally as if she has zero idea of the fact that Overwatch ever even existed in the first place: she just simply doesn't acknowledge it in the slightest. You'll actually find that many "rogue" heroes (meaning they never had any affiliation with Overwatch at all) will have this happen: not all of them though.

Akande "Doomfist" Ogundimu: Very Negative

"The world decided it didn't need Overwatch." – Doomfist, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Doomfist is another quite obvious one. He is the leader of Talon, who is quite literally Overwatch's arch nemesis organization. It makes 100% perfectly clear sense that he would hate Overwatch's guts. Plus he is still salty at Overwatch for imprisoning him: gee, I wonder why.

Genji Shimada: Slightly Positive

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Now Genji is…a weird case. Despite Overwatch's doctors (specifically Mercy) saving his life, and despite the fact that he served in Blackwatch for many years, he actually abandoned Overwatcch before its dissolution so he could come to peace with his robotic body. He has no quotes directly relating to the Overwatch organization: however, he has very good relations with the past Overwatch members, especially those like Mercy and Tracer. Even when talking to Winston, he claims "We cross paths now. For the future…we shall see.", hinting at the idea that we may potentially see Genji rejoining Overwatch. So, for the current moment, he is being listed as Slightly Positive, for his good relations but for his uncertaincy of rejoining the group due to its past actions.

Hanzo Shimada: Neutral

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Unlike Genji, Hanzo has never had any correlation with Overwatch. He left the Shimada clan before Overwatch began attempting to dissolve it out of guilt of his brother's death. While he has no quarrel whatsoever with Overwatch, the reason he is being considered neutral is because of his stance with another group: Talon. His entire focus is on his own honor, not the wars fought between organizations. Both Doomfist and Widowmaker have attempted to persuade Hanzo to join Talon's ranks, as he would be a valuable asset to the organization: however, Hanzo rejected the claims from both individuals, stating that he would have little to gain from such an organization. This would basically make him down as a truly neutral character.

Jamison "Junkrat" Fawkes: Slightly Negative

No OW Related In-Game or Cinematic Quote

This one is unconfirmed, yet easy to assume. Junkrat is, in all definitions, an anarchist; he is the literal embodiment of chaos and destruction, which are some of the principles Overwatch is against. So, in all simplicity, due to its unconfirmability, Junkrat is being listed as slightly negative due to his criminalistic nature.

Lucio Correia dos Santos: Unknown

No OW Related In-Game or Cinematic Quote

Just like Hana Song, Lucio has not a single quote or hint of reference towards his views of the Overwatch organization. Although he has quotes representing good relations with past members of Overwatch, including Genji, Tracer, and Winston, he has zero quotes about the actual organization itself, so it is kind of hard to determine his perspective.

Jesse McCree: Very Positive

"I got a call. They're getting the band back together. They want me, but really, they need you." – McCree to Echo, Reunion

Although he was one of the founders of the Deadlock Gang, one of Overwatch's enemies, McCree joined Blackwatch in an attempt get himself out of prison time, and while a member of the organization, he sought to right his sins by making amends for them via his actions in the organization. So it makes sense that he would have very high respect for the organization, even to this day. Even when the recall took place, he actually went back to Route 66 to retrieve Echo back from the Deadlock Gang (who robbed the train she was in) just to reactivate her, as he felt she was what Overwatch needed. So although he himself isn't joining the organization, he is still dedicated to it, and its ideas still hold high value within him.

Mei-Ling Zhou: Very Positive

"Yes, Winston. I am with you." – Mei, Rise and Shine

Mei is heavily focused on doing the right thing, and she wants to make the world a better, safer place. Despite the fact that nobody came for the Ecopoint after Overwatch was shut down, she still remained dedicated to the organization because of these ideals. She has the same level of inspiration to save the world as Tracer does: the only difference is Tracer has a chronal accelerator and she has a frostthrower. So yeah: Mei is still very positive about Overwatch.

Angela "Mercy" Ziegler: Slightly Negative

"Overwatch was shut down for a reason. Perhaps its best it stay that way." – Mercy, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Mercy is focused on saving as many lives as possible; its one of the reasons she joined Overwatch in the first place. However, she never was a fan of Overwatch's manner of saving the world. She sought to do it via humanitarian means, not through militaristic means as Overwatch had done (to be fair, the organization is run by two ex-US soldier enhancement program subjects: what did you expect?). However, one of the final lines for her was when members began attempting to weaponize her biotic technology, such as Torbjorn when he made Ana's biotic rifle. In response, when Overwatch was beginning to shut down, she ultimately left the organization due to her conflicts with the superiors and their militaristic ideas, and she still holds these grudges against Overwatch to this day.

Moira O'Deorain: Very Negative

"You were a disgrace to Overwatch. Had I known of Reyes' plans, I never would've allowed it." – Soldier: 76 to Moira

Moira has a reasonably distasteful history with Overwatch. While she was in the group, they told her that her experiments were unethical: they tried to silence her work: they tried to convince other science groups not to even consider her discoveries a possibility. Her goal is to promote discoveries in science, whenever possible, and she Overwatch seemed to be attempting to do the exact opposite. So how will she react when she learns Overwatch was recalled? Simple: she will keep genetically modifying individuals for personal discoveries and continue to curse Overwatch for denouncing her work, assisting Talon in their attempts to make the world stronger (and simultaneous kill Overwatch; whichever comes first).

Orisa: Very Positive

"Efi would be honored to be able to meet such an accomplished scientist and a member of Overwatch." – Orisa to Winston

Efi Oladele was a big fan of Overwatch: its one of the main reasons she even got into engineering herself: she ones to bring peace to Numbani in the same sort of manner Overwatch did. So it makes sense that when she developed Orisa from the damaged OR15 omnics, she would program it into Orisa the liking of Overwatch too (or teach it to her: either one works). Orisa is EXTREMELY dedicated to Efi, even considering the possibility of turning in McCree so she can make up Efi's grant money. So holding her ideals is nothing to Orisa. Its quite literally in her programming.

Fareeha "Pharah" Amari: Very Positive


"Mum, I know why you didn’t want me to join Overwatch, but its still what I want." – Pharah to Ana

Pharah is the daughter of Ana Amari, one of the leaders of Overwatch, and while Pharah hasn't exactly had the best relations with her mother, she has high views towards the organization she helped found. Even to this day, she still has hopes of one day joining among the ranks of the newly recalled Overwatch, as she has expressed to both Ana and Brigitte. She even mentions when at Watchpoint: Gibraltar that she always dreamed of one day being stationed at the base. So yes: despite her mother not exactly approving of Pharah joining the foundation, it is still what Pharah wants.

Gabriel "Reaper" Reyes: Very Negative

"Overwatch…good riddance." – Reaper, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Do I really even need to explain this one? No? Well too bad im going to anyway. There is literally not a single hero you could have that is more against Overwatch than Reaper. He was the original leader of it until Jack Morrison was given the position by the UN. He was the leader of Blackwatch until it got put on hold by Overwatch after the Venice Incident. He got blown up at the Swiss Headquarters. Moira's experimentations on him left his body scarred for life. Ana didn't even recognize his face anymore. He has reason after reason after reason to hate the Overwatch organization. Oh, and what does he do in his spare time? Hunts down and murders past Overwatch agents. Yeah: not exactly a ray of sunshine, is he?

Reinhardt Wilhelm: Neutral

"I have been called. I must answer. Always." – Reinhardt, Honor and Glory

Reinhardt initially joined Overwatch after making a promise to Balderich Von Adler to "be their shield". In the past, Reinhardt has been both one of Overwatch's biggest supporters and one of their loudest critics. He knew to keep faith in the situation, but he also knew to speak his mind. After being forced into retirement by the organization, Reinhardt has more than enough reasons to not like Overwatch. Despite this, however, he rejoins the organization after hearing Winston's recall message due to the promises he made to Balderich Von Adler and his vows as a crusader. So, is he a hater of Overwatch? No. Is he a lover? Also no. Is he held by a vow to be their shield when the time comes? You bet he is.

Mako "Roadhog" Rutledge: Slightly Negative

No OW Related In-Game or Cinematic Quote

Roadhog is one of the most silent characters in the entire Overwatch franchise, so it makes no surprise that he doesn't exactly have any voicelines referring to Overwatch. However, he is being placed at slightly negative for two reasons. #1: just like Junkrat, his criminal behaviors make him a likely candidate to be opposed to any law-giving forces. And #2: he might be mad at Overwatch for not shutting down the Australian Omnium before he and the ALF had to get involved (if he still sane enough to even remember such a thing anyway).

Jack "Soldier: 76" Morrison: Neutral

"Bring back Overwatch…what's the point?" – Soldier: 76, Watchpoint: Gibraltar

Jack Morrison was the leader of Overwatch during the majority of its lifespan. He was also one of the people trying the hardest to keep it afloat. But, alas, Overwatch did fall, and Jack Morrison, having believed to be killed in the HQ explosion, went into hiding as Soldier: 76. However, while he doesn't hate the organization like Gabriel Reyes does, he doesn't exactly love it either. He appears to have no interest in rejoining the recalled organization (and ironically he actually seems kind of slightly hostile to Winston attempting to take his position as Strike Commander), and he feels it is probably best for the organization to just rot in the dirt where the world left it.

Olivia "Sombra" Colomar: Neutral

No OW Related In-Game or Cinematic Quote

It's very well known now that Sombra doesn't like the play sides. She acts as a hacker for Talon, but she uses them for her own personal gains (something which Reaper actually noticed and Doomfist doesn't mind). There is also theories out there that she is working as an agent in Talon for Soldier: 76, but we aren't going to go too deep into that. In basics, she doesn't stay in an alliance with any one side during a war, and she is always shifting, manipulating her allies to seek her own benefits. So, its likely that if she was asked about Overwatch, she would be neutral about its existence: she likely doesn't think it will affect her; and if it does, she will just manipulate them too.

Satya "Symmetra" Vaswani: Unknown

No OW Related In-Game or Cinematic Quote

Symmetra is, well…a complex individual. In one hand, she is the highly obedient Vishkar employee who appears to believe in all the good Vishkar will do for the world and support the order they will bring about it. She is vocal about disapprovals of Doomfist (who she calls the living embodiment of chaos) and Lucio (who stole back the technology that Vishkar stole from his father). In the other hand, however, she is very skeptic of Vishkar. When Sombra informs her of finding very interesting details about her employers, she tries to convince Sombra to tell her what she has heard. In terms of Overwatch, however? We have no clue. She could either be 100% for it or completely against it. Due to her mirrored personality, there is simply no way of knowing for certain.

Torbjörn Lindholm: Neutral

No OW Related In-Game or Cinematic Quote

Torbjörn was one of the six founders of Overwatch, and his viewpoints of the organization, well…they aren't that clear. Whether or not Torbjörn is actually a member of the new Overwatch is also something that is currently heavily debated. He has no quotes referencing it: however, Brigitte is aware of Torbjörn giving Bastion upgrades, and seeing as to how she is a member of Overwatch, it wouldn't be all that shocking if Torbjörn was too. However, we simply don't have the evidence right now to support such ideas.

Lena "Tracer" Oxton: Very Positive

"Winston? Is that you, love? Ha…its been too long!" – Tracer, Recall

Again: I don't feel as though I need to explain this one, but I am going to anyway. Tracer is, by all definitions, the literal personification of good. She is willing to do anything and everything for the benefit of everyone. She even regrets not having taken the bullet for Tekhartha Mondotta to this day, as shared in quotes with Genji. She believes Overwatch has the ability to do what is right, and that the world could always use more heroes. She was also the very first person to rejoin Overwatch (not including Winston) after the organization was recalled.

Amélie "Widowmaker" Lacroix: Very Negative

No OW Related In-Game or Cinematic Quote

Widowmaker was originally married to a big member of Overwatch, Gerard Lacroix, who spearheaded the Blackwatch operations against Talon. However, she kinda got kidnapped by Talon and brainwashed and killed her husband and went back and got genetically modified by Moira and here we are today. She takes part in Talon missions with Reaper, Sombra, and Doomfist, and although her emotions get the best of her at times (such as when she visited Gerard's grave around Christmas time), she usually has the one goal of killing anything and everything around her, so that doesn't exactly help her approval rating.

Winston: Very Positive

"Someone has to do something! We have to do something! We can make a difference again. The world needs us, now more than ever!" – Winston, Recall message

Winston is the one who initiated the Overwatch recall: him having positive views of the organization is kind of default. They literally "raised" him after he escaped from the Horizon Lunar Colony, and they welcomed him as part of their family. Unlike all the other members, he doesn't exactly merely see Overwatch as just some organization: he sees it as his literal family. So its no wonder his views are as positive as they are.

Hammond "Wrecking Ball": Neutral

No OW Related In-Game or Cinematic Quote

Just like how Winston is very positive about Overwatch by default, Wrecking Ball is neutral about Overwatch by default. He has no concept of any of the rganizations. He has no grasp of Overwatch or Talon or anything like that. The only three things he knows how to do is make and repair mechanisms, destroy things, and survive. Even if he knew Overwatch existed, its not very much like he would probably even care in the first place, as it has nothing to do with him (unless it revolves around Winston, in which case he might slightly care).

Aleksandra Zaryanova: Very Negative

"Overwatch is not wanted here." – Zarya, Volskaya Industries

Zarya has kind of a bone to pick with Overwatch. The Russians defeated their omnium all without Overwatch's help, and they suffered heavily because of it. Although Zarya's motives for having a massive distate in Overwatch (even going so far as to telling them they are not wanted whenever she kills them in Volskaya Industries) are not exactly known, it is almost certainly due to how Overwatch left the Russian omnium for them alone to face, and they alone were forced to recover from it. Plus, if Overwatch deactivated the Omnium like they had with the others, she likely believes the second crisis may not have ever happened.

Tekhartha Zenyatta: Neutral

"Tekhartha Zenyatta – do you believe that Overwatch should return?" "I believe that we must all do our part to find solutions for the troubles that are before us." – Zenyatta to Winston

Zenyatta is the literal definition of neutral. He knows of Overwatch's existence: he knows of Talon's existence: he knows very well of both sides of the battle, and he knows for certain what each side believes. However, despite this, he refuses to choose either side: he sees people not by their associations, but by the peace within them. He even offers peace to people like Doomfist (once again, the literal embodiment of chaos) and advice to Pharah. He goes all about, offering his wisdom to everyone around him. And if you don't like his wisdom? Too bad, he is going to give it to you anyway.

So, just as a basic recap:

Very Negative: 6 (Ashe, Doomfist, Moira, Reaper, Widowmaker, Zarya)

Slightly Negative: 4 (Brigitte, Junkrat, Mercy, Roadhog)

Neutral: 9 (Ana, Bastion, Hanzo, Reinhardt, Soldier: 76, Sombra, Torbjorn, Wrecking Ball, Zenyatta)

Slightly Positive: 1 (Genji)

Very Positive: 6 (McCree, Mei, Orisa, Pharah, Tracer, Winston)

Unknown: 4 (Baptiste, DVa, Lucio, Symmetra)

Feel free to give your thoughts on these in the comments if you'd like. If you disagree with any of them, please feel free to fill me in on why and I will consider updating the post to fit these ramifications. Thanks.

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