All Overwatch Sprays as WhatsApp Stickers

Overwatch10 - All Overwatch Sprays as WhatsApp Stickers

Hey Overwatch,

a couple of days ago I had the idea to create a personal collection of WhatsApp Stickers from Overwatch. My friends kinda liked it so I decided to advance this small project and to include all available Overwatch Sprays (500+).

I am finally done and wanted to share this with the rest of the community so everyone can use them. I don't have any profit from this, it's totally add free, I just wanted to give the community something back.

Some Screens:



Play Store Link:



Right now it's only for android but if it the demand for an IOS version is big enough I will do one as well.

I also spent thoughts about a feature which allows it to create own collections from the pool of available stickers, but I havn't done it yet, because I don't know, if this small project even will get some attention.

I hope at least some of you will enjoy this,


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