An Updated Doomfist Buglist: Doomfist still has Over 40 Bugs.

Overwatch7 - An Updated Doomfist Buglist: Doomfist still has Over 40 Bugs.

362460 - An Updated Doomfist Buglist: Doomfist still has Over 40 Bugs.


Oh boy… Here we go again. We’ve got a list of bugs that is still far too long for any one hero to have and we’re struggling immensely to deal with them severely damaging our gameplay experiences.

The Developers have been and are still working hard on fixing Doomfist's issues. Over the course of Doomfist’s lifespan in the game he has had more bug fixes than there have been patches to the game as a whole. They have listed a literal shitton of fixes over the course of his existence in the game, 82 to be exact (It took so long to skim through all the notes, some of the most recent ones are a right mess).

Though the combined efforts of many, many Doomfist Mains we have yet again compiled all of Doomfist’s bugs into one giant ass list for both community and developer awareness. The last post I made regarding his bug list was 11 months ago and there were well over 40 bugs to his name. Since then a couple bugs have been fixed but an almost equal amount of new ones have popped up or “unpatched themselves”. This updated list is sitting pretty on 42 active bugs and features a grade in severity and ease of replication on a scale of 1 to 5.


Effectively No Gameplay ImpactA Little Impactful (Minor Annoyance)Situational Gameplay ImpactVery Impactful on General GameplayPotentially Game Changing Outcomes


Recreate-able on Your Own, AnywhereEasy and Reliable to RecreateRecreate-able Under Certain ConditionsIncredibly Difficult to Purposely RecreateAlmost Impossible to Purposely Recreate

Anybody reading can also join the Doomfist Mains Discord, we seek and figure out how most of these bugs work here, give newer players tips and tricks and seek new ways to use the mechanics at hand to play Doomfist. Our bug chat is also regularly updated with more bug clips, info, etc. We seriously get ~2-5 new clips a day.


Reload Stall

Hand Cannon’s reload works differently to other reloads. It runs on a timer rather than manually reloading shots. Using quick melee after a shot causes this reload timer to stall. Discovered by Doomfist Tech Master GetQuakedOn this interaction interrupts the flow of Doomfist’s combos and causes issues very regularly.

  • lc6xr - An Updated Doomfist Buglist: Doomfist still has Over 40 Bugs.Side by Side comparison of reloads

4/5 Impact Severity.

1/5 Replication.


Rocket Punch vs. Air

This interaction was commented on by the developers in the 40+ bug post a couple patches ago, they said they were working on improving it, which they did in the Storm Rising 2019 patch with the introduction of sliding (no not that sliding xD). However this has not fixed the issue it was designed for.

4/5 Impact Severity.

3/5 Replication. (It is a bit inconsistent)

The Multi-Punch

This bug may have been around since Doomfist’s launch into the game, however it has not been reported or encountered to our knowledge until now. Doomfist can stalemate a charging Rein, another punching Doomfist & bashing Brig with Rocket Punch, however if another enemy occupies the same space as the stalemating enemy Doomfist can both land the Rocket Punch on one hero and stalemate the other. We only have 2 clips of this and replication is quite hard. We are unsure if it is possible with another Doomfist or a Brigitte as both clips involve Reinhardt.

1/5 Impact Severity. (It is one of 2 bugs known to work in Doomfist’s favour)

2-5/5 Replication. (In an actual game this is pure chance, however 3 coordinated players may be able to replicate it in customs)

Healing & Speed vs. Rocket Punch

When using his Healing Aura Lucio will be knocked back a little farther than if he is using his Speed Aura when Rocket Punched. This bug was reported in the very first iSinner bug post.

2/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.

Call Mech vs. Rocket Punch

If D.va is in call mech animation, her mech is immune to knock backs of any kind, just like Junkrat was immune to it during his Ultimate before it got patched. This bug was reported in the very first iSinner bug post.

2/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.

Sliders & The Slider 2.0 (Bouncer)

Sliders are very much still a thing, although the Storm Rising event saw a patch to lessen the frequency there are still cases popping up regularly.

Bouncers are considered to be the new breed of sliders. Sometimes punched characters outright bounce off of surfaces where they are supposed to impact or even slide on them. These started becoming more frequent around 2 patches before Storm Rising and are still very frequent now.

5/5 Impact Severity. (Rocket Punch is Doomfist’s biggest asset)

5/5 Replication. (No consistent way has been found to replicate these, they are seemingly pure chance)

Questionable Impacts

This bug acts as a complete opposite to Sliders. Punched enemies can impact walls that are seemingly outside of the 45º limit for wall impacts. For those unaware the developers cleared up the confusion around wall impacts way back when they fixed it just never impacting and gave a reference for the angle of impact requirements.

Our working theory to these questionable impacts is:

Prior movement affects the trajectory angle at the moment of the punches impact with the enemy. ie, You punch someone in a corridor, they strafe left to avoid but the punch still connects and they impact the wall next to you on a seemingly 90˚ angle.

The problem is this doesn’t entirely hold up as testing proved fruitless regarding replication, but this is the best we have and seems to line up with the clips provided…

1/5 Impact Severity. (It is one of 2 bugs known to work in Doomfist’s favour)

5/5 Replication. (It seems to be pure chance)

Hack vs. Rocket Punch

This interaction was reported in the 40+ bug post. Sombra’s Hack is supposed to go on cooldown when hit by any damage, however this does not apply to Rocket Punch.

5/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.

Rocket Punch vs. Translocator

This interaction has been around for quite some time but has not exactly been noted by anyone. Translocator should interact with Rocket Punch the same way Symmetra's Turrets would however it does not. Translocator outright stops Doomfist in his tracks if he hits it and Doomfist cannot punch it on flat ground the way he can with everything else.

4/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.

Rocket Punch vs. Rocket Punch

When 2 Rocket Punches collide they are meant to stalemate and knock both Doomfist’s to the ground, however there are cases where this does not happen and 1 of 2 other interactions happen.

1: Both Doomfist’s punch each other and knock each other back.

2: One Doomfist Punches the Other and outright negates his Rocket Punch.

It is not known what causes this irregularity. The latter result is much rarer than the former so we unfortunately don’t have footage of it.

3/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication. (Our best theory is that at least one Doomfist must “tap punch” for this to occur, all 3 listed examples follow this rule but it is unclear if this is solid)

Rocket Punch Stall

As of a recent patch (it is unclear which exactly) this bug has made a resurgence. Doomfist’s Rocket Punch gets “stalled” on geometry. It is unclear what exactly the cause of this is and a reliable replication method is yet to be found.Note: When I say it's made a resurgence, I don't mean it's unpatched itself, this issue used to be kinda prominent then just kinda stopped… No patch notes, no mention, no nothin.

3/5 Impact Severity. (It is unclear where this can and can’t happen however it is still quite detrimental)

4/5 Replication.

Rocket Punch Charge Visuals

As of the Anniversary update when charging Rocket Punch the gauntlet can appear animated at a faster rate.

1/5 Impact Severity.

1/5 Replication. (It appears to be completely random)


Seismic Slam No-Reg

This bug was heavily attributed to the way Slam functions, however that was changed with the Anniversary patch then patched again with the Baptiste Challenge and now allegedly again on the PTR. Here's hoping this time it actually works. For the sake of this bugs history and how many times it has been patched I will keep it on this list. Here's hoping this is the last patch it needs!

5/5 Impact Severity.

5/5 Replication.

Seismic Slams “Linger Effect”

Due to how Seismic Slam work before the Anniversary update there would always be a lingering effect as the ability worked, however this is not the case anymore and while this isn’t necessarily a bug that aspect of Seismic Slam was an integral part to how Doomfist players played around certain situations.

It would be nice to have this integrated back while maintaining the benefits of the new Slam and given they are effectively the same mechanic I would like to lobby for this to be applied to Reinhardt’s Earthshatter too.

No Grade given as it is not a bug.

Seismic Slam Targeting Locations: Death Pits!

There are certain maps where Doomfist’s Targeted Slam can target Dive directly into Death Pits. I don’t exactly need to explain that any further, it can be quite detrimental to players if they suddenly fly into a pit instead of the ledge they were looking at.

  • vTEZmvN sNc - An Updated Doomfist Buglist: Doomfist still has Over 40 Bugs.Slamming into the Pit on Lijang Tower

3/5 Impact Severity.

1/5 Replication.

Seismic Slam.exe Failed to Execute

There are instances where Seismic Slams reticle will be placed on a surface, the button will be pressed and nothing will happen even though there is nothing preventing the ability from carrying out. This variant only affects Dive Slam.

It is unknown what the cause of this issue is or how exactly to replicate it, however it is an incredibly frustrating bug to deal with.

5/5 Impact Severity.

5/5 Replication. (It is seemingly pure chance)

Seismic Slam.exe Failed to Execute 2: Electric Boogaloo

There is a second variation to this issue. It is slightly more common and vastly more frustrating. Seismic Slam will begin to execute but cancel almost immediately. This variant affects both versions of Slam.

5/5 Impact Severity.


5/5 Replication. (It is seemingly pure chance)

Incorrect Slam Indicators

Reported in the 40+ Bugs megathread. This is caused by activating Seismic Slam during the couple frames where it transitions from a Dive Slam to an Arc Slam. This can more often than not kill a Doomfist or completely negate an initiation. The Developers have acknowledged this and are working to improve upon the interaction, however I would still like to present a grade given how common this interaction is.

Sorry I’m lacking video examples of this particular bug, they’re effectively an accepted shitty part of general gameplay at this point and are quite hard to find when looking back at footage :/

5/5 Impact Severity.

3?/5 Replication.

The Heroes are Floors!

Slam considers other heroes as floor when it comes to deciding what version of slam to output, a Ground Slam or a Dive Slam.

The only deciding factor in choosing which version of Slam to output should be the altitude from the floor, ignoring other heroes.

3/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.

Seismic Slam & Knockback

Seismic Slam has recently been experiencing visual issues regarding knock back and proximity to the ground. When Slam gets affected by knockback close to its landing it will repeat the Slam animation multiple times. This bug appears to be the same bug as the old Multi-Earthshatter bug.

2/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.

Seismic Slam & Teleporters

Seismic Slam has had a new bug introduced with the Anniversary update. Seismic Slams Dive/Targeted Slam fails to travel through Teleporters properly, however the Arcing/Grounded Slam moves through it just fine.

This bug has been previously patched once before.

4/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.

Seismic Slam vs. Mei Walls

Seismic Slams targeted Slam now completely fails when slamming on top of a breaking Mei Wall. This interaction as a whole to begin with is kind of clunky so it is unclear how exactly this is supposed to play out.

?/5 Impact Severity. (Severity is difficult to determine given the interaction as a whole is quite clunky)

2/5 Replication.

Seismic Slam Targeting Inside Walls

Seismic Slams Dive/Targeted Slams targeting reticle now dips into walls as of the Anniversary Update. It is not fully clear as to why this happens but it seems to be associated with the floor extending past the walls.In the case of the last example it is demonstrated that this can also affect dives under certain conditions.

4/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.

Seismic Slam Damage Number Inaccuracies

It is unclear exactly if this interaction is a bug or not, however recently some keen eyed Doomfist players have noticed the damage numbers on Seismic Slam’s UI behaving a little strangely. Slam will jump or drop a couple numbers at the end of the animation. It is unclear if this actually has a gameplay impact as it is very difficult to properly test.

2?/5 Impact Severity.

4/5 Replication.


Uppercut No-Reg

While this bug was fixed a while back the most recent update has brought it back from the dead. Uppercut sometimes just doesn’t hit things.

5/5 Impact Severity.

5/5 Replication. (It is seemingly pure chance)

Uppercut Height Inconsistencies

Rising Uppercut is supposed to lift both players up a predetermined height unless they hit some geometry along the way or use a mobility ability, however there are cases where Uppercut simply does not follow this rule and enemies will stop short, throwing off the Doomfist’s followup attacks. It appears to occur as a weird bi-product of Uppercutting a Rolling McCree however cases involving other heroes have allegedly happened.

4/5 Impact Severity

3/5 Replication.

Guardian Angel vs. Uppercut

A Mercy flying through the air mid-Guardian Angel will not be affected by Uppercuts knockback or movement lock. This was confirmed as a bug by developers for all those naysayers out there and is being worked on.

4/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.


From Crouch to Meteor (Slow Meteor)

This bug causes Meteor Strike to be “stuck” in a slower movement speed if it is initiated when the player is in a forced crouching position.

3/5 Impact Severity

2/5 Replication

Meteor Strike UI Issues

Ultimate UI getting "stuck" – If you die shortly after activating your ult, the ult UI can remain on your screen after respawning. Alternatively the UI can also become stuck if you are slept out of your Ult. It appears to go away upon ulting after the sleep has worn off but will persist upon death the same as the previous example.

This bug has been previously patched once before.

1/5 Impact Severity.

3/5 Replication.

Hacked In Meteor Strike

There is a brief window of opportunity where a Sombra can Hack Doomfist as he enters Meteor Strike. While the Hack doesn’t affect the players ability to land the Meteor manually, the fact that Doomfist will land, be in a very vulnerable state with no access to any abilities is enough to draw attention to this.

4/5 Impact Severity

3/5 Replication

Note: Given the extra impact Hack presents I’m treating it as a non-CC ability and giving it its own bug even though it almost perfectly mirrors the way the next issue works.

CC vs Meteor Strike Casting

This bug is a little strange. Hard Stuns can cancel Meteor Strike in its casting phase even if it seems like it shouldn’t. (This interaction in itself needs some fine tuning and more explaining btw please) As recently discovered, knockbacks and other non-stun forms of CC can also affect Meteor Strike during its casting phase.

3-5/5 Impact Severity. (This bugs impact ranges based on its variations)

3-4/5 Replication. (Difficulty is reliant on the ability being tested with)

Meteor Strike, Terrain Differences, Ledges & Death Pits (4 in 1 Bug)

This bug can be counted as a 4-in-1 as there are multiple different interactions regarding Meteor Strike and ledges, height differences in terrain, death pits, etc. The different variations will be marked in their examples and explanations.

Variation 1

One of the most notable ones is where Meteor Strike will straight up incorrectly place its lading reticle. A decent chunk of these issues are related to some very strange and questionable places Meteor Strike can land.

Variation 2

It can also be partially attributed to the general scaling issues Meteor Strike has, when near walls or higher surfaces Meteor Strikes reticle can jump up to them similar to how a player could, however there are areas around the game where this seemingly does not apply correctly and the reticle can scale vertical surfaces. This aspect has been acknowledged by the developers and requires more fixing.

Variations 1 & 2 Examples

Variation 3

Meteor Strike will land close to a ledge over a death pit and not deal any damage whatsoever. There is seemingly no reason this should occur given where the landing reticle is.

Variation 3 Examples

Variation 4

Finally regarding low ledges, bridges, etc, Meteor Strike will not correctly scale the top down view to its appropriate landing zone. The landing zone will be under the higher surface however the reticle and the top-down view will display on the higher surface and vice versa. It is difficult to tell where the landing zone will be in these cases.

Variation 4 Examples

4/5 Impact Severity. (Overall impact of all variants combined)

2-4/5 Replication. (Some Variants are harder to replicate than others)


Breakable Railings

For some reason Doomfist cannot consistently punch through any railings anymore. This has been an inconsistency on exclusively Rialto for a while now but was made worse/more noticeable with the Storm Rising update and has since become an all map inclusive issue with the Anniversary Update.

4/5 Impact Severity.

1/5 Replication.

Breakable Railings 2: To Break or Not to Break?

Railings are supposed to act as walls for Rocket Punch impacts, however it is very inconsistent. The amount impacts railings can take ranges from zero to seemingly infinite and there is no clear reason why. It can potentially mean the difference between getting a vital pick and dying. Either the railings should be like walls for all impacts or they should break outright.

4/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.


Inconsistent Air Lock Reactions

As of the Anniversary update the Horizon air locks seem to be a bit inconsistent when detecting a Rocket Punching Doomfist travelling through them.

2/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.


Knocking a Mech into Death Pits

Now that D.Va’s Mech can be knocked around by Rocket Punch during Self Destruct a new bug has emerged. When a Self Destructing Mech is punched into a death pit Doomfist will get massive damage indicators as if he is perpetually damaging the mech in the pit. Doomfist gains no ult charge for this “damage” dealt to the mech.

I discovered this on accident while testing another bug. I thought it to be exclusive to Rocket Punch & Mech during Self-Destruct until I watched a Brandito Stream where the same thing happened but from his Uppercut.

1/5 Impact Severity.

2/5 Replication.

The Head Slam

This bug was patched out a while back, while no notes were left its frequency dramatically dropped shortly after being brought the the developers attention. Isolated incidents still occur every once in a while though.

4/5 Impact Severity.

5/5 Replication. (It's quite scarce and seeming unable to be replicated)

The Short Slam

We’re not entirely sure what caused this to occur or what exactly is going on.

Grading Unavailable, only 1 known incident has occurred.

Rocket Punch vs. Stairs

A patch for this issue did go through on the 18th of June. However the clip we have provided was captured a couple days ago. Given the circumstances and the lack of more than just 1 clip we're thinking this could just be an isolated incident, however since it was recent it is still relevant.

4/5 Impact Severity.

5/5 Replication. (It's seemingly random if/when it occurs)

Before I wrap up I would like to touch upon the state of Doomfist’s interactions with geometry around the game in general. However the game is laid out at the moment isn’t particularly helpful for Doomfist, hence the glaring existence of Sliders and Bouncers. If something can be changed to accomodate more for Doomfist so he can be more consistent; widen the angle of wall impacts, re-jig the geometric layout, add something to him, etc. We don’t particularly care what happens, as long as he can be more consistent and less of a frustrating gamble to play.


Doomfist is still the single most bugged hero in the game by a country mile and requires far more attention than he gets.

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