… and then I met my husband on Overwatch

Overwatch9 - ... and then I met my husband on Overwatch

Just a quick shoutout to those who kept hearing from their parents : "you can't sit on your computer all day, you'll never find a partner!" – it's a lie! 😉

Our story starts in September 2017. Shortly after a breakup of mine. A time during which I spent a lot of time playing Overwatch and , I have to admit – I was at that time very taken with McCree. Much more than it seemed appropriate for a woman in her early 30s, not in her teenage years.
I had just joined a twitch stream of an Overwatch fanart artist I had noticed a while ago. That artist drew McCrees (then brandnew) Halloween skin. This is the fanart (drawn by Monori Rogue):

Halloween McCree by Monori Rogue….

I was enchanted and joined the artist's community. That day, in that twitch chat, I met a man. He was kind and funny, and he, too, liked Overwatch.

We talked more, became friends on discord, and eventually met to play Overwatch together. I had already discovered before that he wears a McCree-worthy beard, but that day I got to hear his voice. A voice I adored from the first moment on. But there was a big impediment. That man lived in Queensland, Australia. I am from Germany. The 16.000 kilometers between us and the 9 hours time difference made our gaming sessions difficult. But we had our priorities set. We would from then on play Overwatch together every weekend, for months. Due to timezones we'd often only stop when it was crack of dawn for one of us. We played on European servers together. That man with the beautiful voice spent over 300 hours playing 350-ping-Torbjörn with me. I should probably have known it was love then. 😉

Things got real when my work asks for a part of our annual leave to be planned ahead in January. I was a freshly single woman, what did I need with so many days of leave… at first the thought annoyed me. Having leave, but nothing to do with it. Then I remembered I freshly knew someone in Australia. Australia … a bucket list thing. Visiting the other side of the planet. And he DID have a very nice voice after all. Even though at that point I told myself solemnly that I'm not allowed to fall in love with a man living 16000km away from me.

I collected all the courage I could find and asked him if I could stay with him for a holiday. We started planning travels together. A few months later I flew to Brisbane, on my own, to meet a "stranger from the internet" (as my mother would put it – she was not a fan), and we spent the most beautiful 3 weeks together in Australia and New Zealand. It was magical.


one of our first photos together, in QLD

A few days into our holidays, Brisbane in the background

After those 3 weeks we had to make a decision – it was all or nothing for us. And we went ALL IN. My husband handed in his notice, packed a single suitcase, and came to live with me in Germany. He arrived here 5 weeks after I left Australia, and we never parted again. He learned a new language, found work here – in August 2018 we got married.

on our way to get married – a few months after we met 🙂

just married <3

And this August – almost exactly 1 year later – we became parents. Our little son Jesse was born strong and healthy on August 15th, 2019. While both my husband and I are not very good at Overwatch (even though I've played almost 2000 of hours), our little boy is our last hope for our family to climb to grandmaster one day. 😉

Jesse – 10 weeks old <3

Jesse is 11 weeks old today, strong and healthy and super cute. We're more in love with each other and our son every day. I hope our story can brighten someone's day out there and be a reminder to never give up hope. I've had my ups and downs for many years, was about to think I'd never find the right one for me and start a family – but sometimes fate hits you hard, and suddenly. 😉

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