Archives FAQ (Repost with updated information!)

Overwatch1 - Archives FAQ (Repost with updated information!)

This is a continuation of the FAQ I've started doing for events – since most questions are literally the same across the events. I've compiled a list of commonly asked questions that flood this subreddit every event.

Reposted with updated information!

Event Questions:

When does the event start?

Tuesday, April 16th at 2.00 P.M. EDT (so later today!)

When does the event end?

May 6th, roughly around 2:00 P.M. but end times have varied for past events.

Remember that Overwatch has never had a countdown for the exact end time. There have been a few times where the event continued a couple of hours after it was supposed to end. To be safe, just get any cosmetics you absolutely want the day before the event ends on May 5th, at the very latest.

Do any maps get anything new?

  • None during normal game play but the maps do change for the Arcade game modes.
  • King's Row is under siege by Null Sector extremists, and is seen during the day time during Uprising
  • Rialto is flooded with Talon forces, and is seen during the night during Retribution
  • Havana will probably take place in a different time of day to the actual event.
    • Note that Havana will probably follow what Rialto did last year – we will get the map used for Storm Rising, and then the actual gameplay map will be available on the PTR after Storm Rising has begun.

What is Uprising?

Uprising tells the story of Tracer's first mission to liberate London’s King’s Row from the Omnic terrorists, Null Sector. You can read the backstory comic here.

Uprising teams will be made up of 4 heroes:

  • in Story Mode, you'll be Tracer, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and Mercy.
    • All Heroes mode, you can do whatever, but it's strongly recommended that you at least have one healer.
  • Either mode has Normal, Hard, Expert, and Legendary difficulty.

Your goals are thus:

  • Explore King's Row which is under attack by Omnic terrorists – your overall mission is to survive all the hordes and defeat the final bosses.
  • Capture 3 different objectives
  • Defend a payload while it starts
  • Escort the payload along the path
  • Defeat the OR-14 (basically purple Orisa) robots at the end

What is Retribution?

Retribution tells the story of Blackwatch members (Reyes/Reaper, McCree, Genji, and Moira) as they escape the Talon-infested streets of Rialto after a mission gone wrong. You can read the backstory comic here.

Retribution teams will be made up of 4 heroes:

  • in Story Mode, you'll be Reaper as Reyes, McCree, Genji, and Moira.
    • All Heroes mode you can do whatever, but it's strongly recommended you have at least one healer.
  • Either mode has Normal, Hard, Expert, and Legendary difficulty.

Your goals are thus:

  • Survive the initial waves of enemies as you try to escape the Talon vault
  • Make your way through the streets of Rialto, fighting snipers, assassins, and heavy assault units as you try to make your way to the pick up zone
  • Once you're at the pickup zone, survive the many waves of enemies
  • Get on the damn helicopter.
    • They did fix it to where if a person dies, the helicopter needs one less person to get on the helicopter.

How are they going to rotate Uprising/Retribution/New game mode in the Arcade slots?

We'll have to see later today!

What is Storm Rising?

Storm Rising tells the story of Overwatch members (Tracer, Genji, Winston, and Mercy) as they ambush Maximillian (an Omnic who is close to Doomfist) in order to get closer to finally arresting Doomfist. This mission is brought up by Sojourn, who is guiding the heroes to Maximillian.

We'll learn more about the goals, and the story when the event is released. Stay tuned!

Are there any Archives achievements?


AchievementUnlocked SprayRequirement
Strike TeamNulltrooperComplete Story Mode with each of the 4 heroes
ReplacementsNullmariComplete All Heroes Mode with 8 different heroes
Mission CompleteEradicatorComplete Story Mode on Hard difficulty in Story Mode
Handle With CareSlicerDeliver the payload with over 80% health on Hard Difficulty in Story Mode
Unit CommendationB73-NSComplete on Expert Difficulty in Story Mode
Distinguished ServiceOR14-NSComplete on Legendary difficulty in Story Mode


AchievementUnlocked SprayRequirement
The Venice IncidentTalon TrooperComplete Story Mode with each of the 4 heroes
RedactedTalon EnforcerComplete All Heroes Mode with 8 different heroes
Into the ShadowsTalon sniperComplete Story Mode on Hard difficulty
A Quiet NightDroppachiComplete Story Mode on Expert difficulty
Clean GetawayTalon AssassinComplete Story Mode on Expert difficulty with no incapacitations
Plausible DeniabilityTalon Heavy assaultComplete Story Mode on Legendary difficulty in Story Mode

Storm Rising:

Unsure of what spray they unlock

Storm WarningComplete Story Mode with each of the 4 heroes
TempestComplete Story Mode on Hard difficulty
MaelstromComplete Story Mode on Expert difficulty
HurricaneComplete Story Mode on Legendary difficulty
FreelancersComplete with 8 different heroes in All Heroes Mode
Storm ChaserComplete on Hard Difficulty on All Heroes mode
Storm RiderComplete on Expert Difficulty on All Heroes Mode
Eye of the HurricaneComplete on Legendary Difficulty on All Heroes Mode with no incapacitations

General Questions:

Cosmetics / Lootboxes

How much are cosmetics?

Old Legendary1000
Old Epic250
Old Rare75
Old Normal25
New Legendary3000
New Epic750
New Rare225
New Normal75

What new cosmetics are we likely to see?

Given past 2018 events, we are likely to see:

  • A complete set of 2 new voicelines and at least 2 sprays for heroes introduced in 2018/early 2019, i.e. Wrecking Ball, Ashe, and Baptiste
    • One spray will reference what each of the new heroes were doing when they were younger/time of the Archives event
  • 9 skins have been released.
    • 6 Legendaries (3000 credits)
      • Ashe | Socialite
      • Bastion | Gwishin
      • Soldier: 76| Formal
      • McCree | Deadlock
      • Moira | Scientist
      • Baptiste | Talon
    • 3 Epics (750 credits)
      • Zarya | Racer
      • Wrecking Ball | High Roller
      • Junkrat | Circus
  • 3 unrevealed highlight intros.
    • One may or may not be a Wrecking Ball one
  • We are unlikely to see a whole new set of sprays and voice lines for all the heroes of the roster, as seen in the last 4 events
  • New player icons that reference the new Legendary skins

Should I buy X cosmetic?

If you really want it, sure – but most would say to just wait until the day right before the event ends to buy it. You might unlock it from regular playing, especially since the Arcade lootboxes are super easy to get from this event.

NOTE: A good strategy to consider is to buy all of the old cosmetics that are worth 1000 credits. That way, any new Legendary items (as lootboxes look at items you don't have yet) will be more likely to be the new Legendary items which are 3000 credits.

Note that Anniversary is right around the corner where the skins will probably be available to purchase then. So if you don't get it this event, and want to save up credits for then, that also works.

What new events / game modes will appear?

We will see Storm Rising Event which will explore Havana. That's all we know at the time of this writing.

We can expect a comic and a developer update later today.

Gameplay wise, we have a Story mode with 4 different difficulties (Normal, Hard, Expert, Legendary) and an All Heroes mode with the same 4 different difficulties as mentioned previously.

Will any unopened loot boxes I have become Archives loot boxes at the start of the event?

No. The lootboxes are determined when you get them – so any previous loot boxes will remain the same and there will be no event goodies with them. Any loot boxes you earn though during the event will be Archives themed though.

Should I bother doing my Arcade lootboxes the day before the event? OR Will my Arcade weekly reward reset after the start of the event?

No. Arcade weekly rewards reset on Mondays, and the event doesn't reset them.

One thing to note about Archives – the PvE mode is a really easy way to grind out lootboxes. The Normal modes are PRETTY easy so you can just fly through those 9 Arcade wins for the week.

What is the best way to maximize my initial lootboxes?

  1. Win 2 arcade games before the event start, that way you only need to win 1 game of the actual event to get your second lootbox.
  2. Get super close to leveling up the day before the event, and stop there.
  3. You get 1 lootbox when you first log into the event
  4. You'll get another lootbox after winning your third arcade game of the week
  5. You'll get another lootbox from leveling up
  6. You'll get at least 2 lootboxes from completing the remaining 6 wins needed in the Arcade, but you may earn more just from leveling up
  7. This is usually at least 5 guaranteed lootboxes, although you can hit 6 if you level up a lot in the Arcade

Comp issues (PSA):

Please avoid competitive ranked mode around the time of the event to avoid server instability. If you can just avoid ranked the day of the event to avoid any potential SR loss, including around the time of the patch and a few hours after the patch download.

Playing comp on patch day is a risk on your part.

Case in point: Winter Wonderland 2018: all servers went down right at patch time, resulting in many people getting kicked. Then 4 hours later, many servers went down again. Then another 2 hours, many servers went down again. Just avoid comp for one day and enjoy the new event!

Common Complaints:

  • As stated before: patch day is usually unstable and can lead to people getting booted from comps. For the day of the event, it’s generally not safe to play ranked mode, especially around the time of the patch. To avoid any issues, avoid ranked for April 16th, including hours after the patch
    • If competitive crashes for multiple people, no, Blizzard will not refund your lost SR.
  • “I keep getting duplicates!” You probably have most of the cosmetics already.
  • “I haven’t gotten the skin I wanted!” Be patient, you’ll probably get it. It’s RNG after all, and you’re more likely to get it as the event goes on.
    • As a side note, there is a very good chance that Anniversary 2019 will allow you to buy the skins that you just missed. So if you don't get all the skins or miss out, you might be able to get them at Anniversary 2019, which is only a few months away.

Please let me know if I have made any mistakes or if there should be any additional questions needed.

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