best mercy skin for each map!

Overwatch9 - best mercy skin for each map!

this is just a silly thing that i personally have been wanting to do for some time! this will include epic skins (no rares or overwatch league skins)!

  • assault maps
    • hanamura – pink! i feel this is very obvious, as the trees in hanamura are pink! a second option for the winter wonderland event would be sugar plum fairy!
    • horizon lunar colony – amber! this one is a bit harder to place, but the colors match nicely! cobalt is a second option i feel would work nicely as well.
    • paris – winged victory! i think it fits very nicely with the kind of "romantic" vibe paris has! a second option would be witch for the sheer fact that the colors look nice together!
    • temple of anubis – zhuque! again, this one was a bit harder to decide on, but the colors of the temple really make zhuque's red pop! a second option would be her fortune skin!
    • volskaya industries – sugar plum fairy! this one works just really well in my opinion based on the snow! a second option in my opinion would be combat medic ziegler!
  • escort maps
    • dorado – witch! the colors of witch match really nicely with the first half of the map, but the second part is kind of…eh. this one works the best out of all of her skins, though. second option would be amber!
    • junkertown – fortune! i really like the sandy color of this skin, and i think it works really well with the map itself. a second option would be devil!
    • rialto – winged victory! this is for the same reason as paris, honestly. i think the sort of historical vibes of winged victory works really well with the map itself. a second option would be sigrun!
    • route 66 – devil! i love the way the colors look on this map, so i had to put it as number one! a second option would be amber!
    • watchpoint: gibraltar – combat medic ziegler! a hard one once again, but i think the whole "overwatch base" concept fits mercy's archive skin best. a second option would be valkyrie for the fact that i like how the colors look on the map!
  • hybrid maps
    • blizzard world – imp! this is a silly kind of story i made up for this, but i think it'd be cute if mercy dressed up like an imp because all of her friends got cool skins based on other skins! (of course, imp isn't from another game, but it kind of reminds me of heroes of the storm in a way?) a second option would be pink because i think the colors look nice on this map!
    • eichenwalde – sigrun! i think the old vibes of eichenwalde and the norse vibes from sigrun really fit nicely together. an obvious second option, then, would be valkyrie, but a different option would be witch!
    • hollywood – witch! again, i think the colors work really well with the first part of the escort portion! second would be fortune!
    • king's row – devil! i think the low lights really make devil's colors shine! a second option would be amber!
    • numbani – combat medic ziegler! i think the colors look great on this map. second option would be cobalt!
  • control maps
    • busan – zhuque! i think it just looks really neat on this map. a second option would be fortune!
    • ilios – winged victory! this one is one of the more obvious ones, as both are based on greece! a second option would be…valkyrie? it's a little harder to choose for this one, honestly.
    • lijang tower – imp! the low lighting of the map and the neon lights of the map make imp pop. a second option would be zhuque.
    • nepal – zhuque! the low lighting makes the red pop, and the brighter areas make it pop as well. a second option would be amber!
    • oasis – winged victory! i think the botanical/architectural themes of the map really compliment winged victory well. a second option would be valkyrie!

…and that's it! this is just my opinion, and this is purely based on aesthetic values. if you have any other opinions, i'd love to hear them! thanks for sticking with me and reading my post! ♡


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