Big list of quality-of-life changes I’d like to see (some of which are minor buffs/nerfs)

Overwatch3 - Big list of quality-of-life changes I'd like to see (some of which are minor buffs/nerfs)

Been gathering together a bunch of ideas for a few weeks now; decided to post them before the list got too huge.

  • Placement abilities should ignore collision of destructible objects. Once the object in question is created or appears at the target point, any breakables in the way are destroyed. For example, if Reaper points Shadow Step at a platform with railings, the target marker moves as if the railings don't exist, and once Reaper appears any railings in the way are broken. This would also affect Ice Wall, Teleporter, and other similar abilities.
  • The elimination skull should only be a skull for eliminating players. It should otherwise take the shape of whatever you destroyed (mech, turret, trap, etc), and maybe only appear as an outline instead of filled in if it needs to be less prominent.
  • Advanced option: Toggle Deployable Outlines. Would you rather see your turret/teleporter/trap/etc through a wall as an overlay icon, or as a team-coloured outline on its model?
  • Advanced option: Disable Fancy UI Animations. You always underestimate the damage you're taking because it takes over half a second for your HP bar to animate into its new position. Why is that acceptable? I don't want to see the targetting cursor keep doing its blworp animation as my Zarya's/Zenyatta's aim passes through a big scuffle, I want to see it clearly attached to someone for every rendered frame so it's easier to track.
  • More friendly ultimates should be like Sombra's and send their callout through global radio. Zarya's and Reinhardt's are good candidates (though Reinhardt would need a friendly callout first).
  • If the network packet containing an ability usage is lost, movement and escape abilities should keep being sent to the server until they succeed. Either that, or don't have the client always assume these abilities are successful until told otherwise. It's bad enough when lag means the shield I dropped disappears without warning or notification, it's worse when movement is undone. (Maybe hide this inside an advanced option "Retry Dropped Ability Packets".)
  • If I'm being hit by something and turn away, and keep getting hit by the same thing, I don't want to hear "behind you" from teammates.
  • As a healer, I don't want to hear my own "help me" voicelines. All it does is add noise.
  • Don't show "0%" for ultimate charge while the ability is active. Currently Junkrat has what I'm looking for – while you're driving the tire, you see a blank meter with the ultimate icon faded in it. Do that for any ultimate that has a post-usage time where no charging is allowed.
  • Give a visual effect to speed-boosted players. I'm thinking first-person view sees the ">>" symbol with a green screen tint much like the blue up arrows of being damage-boosted, while in third-person a similar green glow surrounds their feet.
  • Advanced option: Confirm In-Progress Joins. If the matchmaker finds a game that's completed setup time, it should open a box that shows the current game state (cap progress, KotH score, deathmatch lead, whatever's at the top of the screen for that mode) and asks if you want to join the game. Not saying "yes" after 10 seconds would cancel and continue the search. This is an attempt to give people the choice of joining bad stomps or games already almost over, though obviously it would have potential for such games to completely empty out.
  • Ashe shouldn't get a hitmarker/hitsound for shooting her Dynamite. I realize this might be intentional so you can tell you hit the Dynamite, but in my opinion it's confusing. Better could be a unique distance-independent sound effect, or Ashe saying "Tagged it!" or "No time to wait.".
  • Afterburn should be like poison and not give off directional damage markers.
  • D.Va's mech should be untargettable during its destruction sequence. Grabbable sure, but don't make it possible to waste a Repair Pack or a Nano Boost on it when it's already dead.
  • Mark D.Va's mech as eliminated immediately on the last hit, not after it's done blowing up.
  • Rename "Self-Destruct" to "Self-D.Struct".
  • When killed by Self-D.Struct, the killcam should focus on the exploding mech, like it does for turrets and Dragonstrike. Most of the frustration from getting nuked comes from not knowing the exact line of sight it had on you.
  • When Self-D.Struct gets Play of the Game, the camera should follow it like a RIP-Tire. Same reason as above. Doesn't apply if D.Va gets more kills while the mech is away than the explosion does.
  • If Genji reflects an ultimate, he should call out its ultimate line himself. This makes it more clear to both sides what just happened.
  • The extent of a Sonic Arrow's range should be visible through walls. Teammates probably don't know exactly where the arrow is, so if no enemies are marked, it doesn't help them. With this, everyone will know exactly where the enemies are not.
  • Fix the Sonic Arrow trick. Arrows shouldn't deal full damage again just because whatever they were stuck in disappears. Needs to go so tanks don't have to do overparanoid things.
  • When a Steel Trap triggers, the whole team should see it, like how everyone can see allied Teleporter icons.
  • While driving the RIP-Tire, have Junkrat's HP be visible. Maybe to the side like B.O.B., or in the corner where Zenyatta's orb spy bars are.
  • Teammates should be able to see the Ice Wall targetting cursor. This will give some advance warning.
  • Mercy should see both the name and character of the player they're targetting, like Zenyatta.
  • If Mercy has Resurrect available, her halo should glow. (Only for teammates.)
  • Fade should not cause Moira to lose a Harmony Orb (or any other beneficial effects).
  • Protective Barrier should have an indication of its timer expiring. It doesn't need to be a number onscreen, it could be something like a subtle-but-distinctive beeping and flashing of its anchor points when it gets below 3 seconds. Since the timer is far longer than the cooldown, optimizing regeneration timing is currently a lot harder than it needs to be.
  • Animate Reinhardt looking around via Barrier Freelook. Attentive teammates will better know that he's not necessarily looking in the direction he's shielding. (Attentive enemies will know too, but trying to fool people with pivot Earthshatters is almost never worth it anyways.)
  • Only enemy Reinhardts should yell when they begin charging. Even better, allied Reinhardts could say "Going in!" or similar instead.
  • Make a distinction between "unhacked enemy health bar" and "hacked enemy health bar that's telling us they don't have their ultimate". A simple hollow circle should suffice. (Displaying exact ultimate percentage seems too much of a buff.)
  • Require a second button press to throw and activate a Translocator. Currently, holding the button results in throwing it and then using it after a split second – what's the usefulness in that? Especially since this can easily happen by accident (or by a lagspike).
  • Teammates being given Infra-Sight should be able to see its duration meter. This should be fine because no other UI elements would overlap it, except for perhaps Bastion's tank timer (which is weirdly unique anyways and could do with being moved to a circular crosshair meter).
  • Barrier Projector should have an indication of its timer expiring. It doesn't need to be a number onscreen, it could be something like the energy column fading away with a winding-down noise. This isn't really for Winston, but rather his teammates.
  • Adaptive Shield's radius of effect should be visible to the user (like Lucio's).
  • Adaptive Shield's HP bars should be a different colour because they have unique properties from other temporary shields (most importantly, they don't generate ultimate when damaged).
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