Blizzard Gear Store – Black Friday mess up

Overwatch8 - Blizzard Gear Store - Black Friday mess up


As some of you may noticed, the Blizzard Gear store had some sick deals for Black Friday, which was almost a month ago. The thing got so popular that they got delays and my order from the 21st Nov will be shipped in a few days, to arrive before the Holidays. But here's the real issue. Not all items will be shipped. Blizz says, that their system had problems registering which items are out of stock. I actually think it is a last minute excuse, cause they're not shipping the items with the most discount. Also – they were processing the order for almost a month. If this problem was known they had a lot of time to say – "we're sorry, but there can be a problem". Also I bought some clothing in the order, and when I was picking sizes in November, some sizes apeared to be out of stock.

Add to this that other items supposed to be Christmas gifts and we are in a tight spot.

Now – Blizz does offer a discount as an apology, but it is nowhere near of the deals, which made me get on a shopping spree earlier. The support says, that it is the only solution and there is no way they can, for example, ship it later, when they restock. The whole "great deals" has some traces of false marketing, offering great discounts, but then backing up. And I understand that it's Black Friday and Holiday seasons and the shipment can be delayed, but cancelling a half of my order sounds irresponsible and the system failure is a last minute excuse – as I've written, they had almost a month, the clothing thing and also in the later days of the sale, they could have fixed it and inform those were affected by the issue.


What I was suggested to do is to use (for EU):

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And now the cherry on the top – I tried fileing the complaint, but I didn't have the store's official data (is it Blizz itself, is it a separate company? the store itself is in the Netherlands, Blizz in France and so on) The support told me, that they can't give me those info, even when I said they will be on the invoice I get. What they suggested is sending a letter (not an e-mail!) to the Blizz HQ in France to the legal team and request for those. How much I love OW and Blizz, I got really annoyed.
Has anyone else experienced problems like this? Can the community help somehow – even if I don't get my initial order, I wouldn't want to things like this to happen in the future.

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